Not for meetings: why she doesn’t want a relationship?

You know you’re a cool dude, moreover, you know that this girl is very cool and like you don’t give up to her dear boy, whose complete lack of eggs as a Ken doll. But it still does not give in to your advances and strongly shuns you. And here’s blue for you she says she doesn’t want a relationship. At all! It happens very often. For some reason we are absolutely convinced that any woman default wants a relationship. As evidence, we present all sorts of Downstate from the section of psychology, which has absolutely nothing to do with normal psychology don’t have. These guys deeply fond of quoting is very far from ethology with her Lorenz and Desmond Morris article «Love. As understood by the eerie bore» Protopopov. By the way, he is not only a psychologist, but also writes something that makes the interested in more serious work than vysery Novoselova and other pseudopsychological, openly laugh. So, dude, glad absolute, but very trying to the house you want to know anything about human psychology? Read the original sources, and not those who somewhere heard. In his youth, as a freelancer I was also given a day for a bunch of spooky psychobabble articles for little pay on the basis of its own theories that I came up with when sitting on the toilet. It was fun. But we digress. It is much more difficult, believe me. There are girls that are not configured to relationships and don’t want them. In a certain period of time, now or never. It happens. Stupid and pretentious girls who accidentally called TP, constantly demonstrate the behavior in pseudopathological sense, that is trying to play the role of a female. They don’t even realize that nobody cares and may not be interested. Here are the girls and spoil the karma, I think, of the female gender, not because good little girls, but because of TP and a lot of others too. So why she doesn’t want a relationship? explain!

1. She left the bitterness from a previous relationship

Complexes grafted easily. The girl had a long or very painful relationship that ended not that long ago. Or over a long time, but painful. Now she was frankly afraid of the relationship that connected her with the negative sides of life. Sometimes, a bad relationship girls followed one another, and now she is sure that she will want a relationship because «all men — goats!»

What to do?

If you really want to meet her because she seems to be the most stunning woman in the world, know that you may be wrong. Fish in the sea a lot, in the ocean even more. Although, on the other hand, I was once told about the theory of the oceans, which refutes these topics, but I digress. Look, do you want this lady or not. Need? Well, then you will have a long time to prove to the girl that you are not a douche. We have a lot of these tips that will help you. But you definitely have to be done. Good luck to you!

2. She doesn’t understand the meaning of relations

As it so happened, that she never really had a relationship. It may not be a virgin, just the very concept of a relationship its never touched. Maybe she met with people before you, but about the fact that nothing worked with absolute apathy. This girl belongs to those people who do question the value of the relationship. It is absolutely accustomed to the fact that she lives alone or with a friend, going on weekends to the same place and catch up with friends. She established a life in which relationships have no place, because for her they are… useless. So, dude! There are such people. They are quite anti-social, immediate, but, most importantly, they are passionate about something. Hobbies, whether it be work, Hobbies or something else, is not only their free time but also in lieu of any relationship. Your humble servant knows several girls, among whom was one, a mountain climber and caregiver of children in the section, a civil engineer (now living in the Czech Republic) and the fencing coach. All the way, got married later, but for like-minded people.

What to do?

This girl is accustomed to her life, in many ways she is a typical geek who has their own interests more important than what she does for a living. To meet them should be only those who sincerely shares their passion, otherwise it will be boring. When the first male female climbers in the example above told her: «Choose, children and mountains or I!» she chose the former. Knowing her and her family, I am more than confident that she didn’t even hesitate. If you can harmoniously fit into her life, everything will be cool, you be good together and fun for many, many years.

3. She’s got a serious job

Girls, fame and fortune many do not like, like it’s wrong. I will not argue, everyone has a right to an opinion. Usually a typical women’s work — the teacher, something creative and relaxed, pushing papers and guide all those who nurture, doing something creative, and shifts pieces of paper. Eight hours a day, and not even a manicure spoiled! It works most of the girls. But if it is serious technical profession that is both exhausting, makes you do mental or physical labor and to stay after the end of the day, what can you say about the relationship? She barely had time to come home and plunk to sleep! Many of them do not mind to have a relationship and even family, but to cram the family in their lives is not possible. Girls-engineers, programmers, doctors, owners of business and other white ahumanitarian differ from the Humanities and pushing papers at least thoughts. They’re quite a girl, but it is always interesting though, because they work the same as men, they have their own Board and some more complicated. This applies to any girls who are interested in the job, so let linguists do not take offense.

Once one friend leading the girl-programmer Anya told me that did not want to have a relationship because I was afraid of extra work around the house. She doesn’t always have enough time for myself due to travel and delays, it is feared that on arrival home was waiting for her «second shift» in the form of the need to cook dinner, clean the house and wash the dishes. But with her husband, they seem to have agreed to divide the work in half.

What to do?

I want a relationship with her? I want to be with her lap. Treat normal to its delays at work, don’t demand that she fled home whenever you like or killed on the job. She can go to meet you, but then, probably in some fight POPs up something like «I’ve quit my job, you bastard!» What is «a woman should stay at home»? It’s not even the Domostroy, and some x*ynya. The woman had to stay home just in case, if you came to some quick Circassians, and Cumans, and took her to the village, in other cases everything is fine.

This, of course, not all of the reasons why the girl is not committed to the relationship. If you wish, you can always add to the article in the comments or take a shit with the author in the spirit: «Master, you p*Doras and protector of women!» Just note that to protect anyone or not, but I urge you to not hate all women/programmers/men in General, but only of individuals.

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