Not do you drink too much?

how to understand that I'm an alcoholic

Well, on one? Anyway to take a taxi, just had a few drinks. The next day you heroically overcoming a hangover, work — you managed last Tuesday? Especially in the evening it is possible for a movie to get a beer — at the same time and hangover. And then Friday, it does not mention the end of the week? Can afford and relax, worked hard, earned!

In the lives of young working dudes drinking is not the last place: drink at corporate events, and watching anything and friends at gatherings or a party. Drinking seemed to have become an integral part of communication, like gestures or a discreet sound in the background.

Where is the line that divides the concept of «often drunk» and «rarely sober»? Are you sure that your way of drinking poses no threat to your job, relationships and physical health? Millions think about it, millions of people drink a lot. Of course, you don’t pour beer on cereal, but it does not deprive you reason to ask yourself the question, whether not too often you drink.

Experts share strategies of drinking into four groups depending on the risk to which they are subjected to psychological and physical health. It is a social, difficult, problematic group and the actual dependence. To what level do you consider yourself?

Social level

Social or moderate level of alcohol consumption is defined as «no more than two drinks a day.» So if you drink a couple of pints every day from Monday to Friday, relaxing with colleagues after work at a nearby bar, drink a couple of glasses of red wine over dinner on Saturday and passed a couple of Beers, watching the game on Sunday, you fit into this framework.You love to be in the company, are able to enjoy the taste of the drink and know when to quit. On the one hand, it’s nice that you haven’t considered an alcoholic, and with another — every day — it has a bell. Soon you will probably start to disturb of stomach problems.

Heavy level

You regularly drink, exceeding the safe level of the previous item. In a week you drink more than 21 servings of alcoholic beverages. By the way, did you know that drinking more than four servings at a time is a potential harm to the body, and if you do it on a regular basis, you can amass a serious problem? For example, liver cirrhosis, problems with the gallbladder, cardiovascular disease or even impotence. And these are only physical manifestations of the problem. When you suddenly discover that all your friends already left the bar, leaving you alone while you’re drunk lit around the columns, you can rise to a new level. If relationships, health or family life suffer from your habits related to alcohol, need to drink less.

The problem rate

One night shouldn’t be a problem in some soup empty package of six cans of beer, no matter what the circumstances. You might not feel a physical dependence on alcohol without experiencing withdrawal symptoms when one day does not drink, but the alcohol becomes your daily habit. Feel guilty for drinking? Often miss work the next day after a night of high Jinks? It’s less obvious signs than cirrhosis of the liver (though it might already be available), but they also say that you drink too much.


This is a destination where you go when you walk to the end described above the slippery slope. Once you were the life of the party, the party revolved around you, you behaved and were in good standing with the leadership of your company, you gave the example — and now you cast off all obligations. To feel the effects of alcohol, now you need more, and giving up booze, you suffer from withdrawal syndrome. Despite the fact that the cause of your current problems — alcohol, are you looking for solutions to their problems or even just too solace in alcohol. Alcoholics frequently deny that they drink too much and don’t consider how much they drank, because they think it is meaningless. However, the amount of alcohol consumed directly affects the lives changed.

Appreciate your perspective

It’s true that sometimes relationships with colleagues improve, once you miss them for a pint. Unfortunately, this has a downside: sometimes these drinking over the fact that someone without a shirt running for a taxi, and the next day his seat was empty.

It is important to remember if you’re concerned that you began a thicket to drink, this is the first sign that you might consider dose reduction. Please don’t dismiss these thoughts and continue to live in the familiar way: if you suffer from even your social level of alcohol consumption, drink less, is a smart move, you lived quietly. If you feel that you have a problem, the way it is. No need to calm yourself. Awareness of the problem — the first sign that you have begun to solve it.

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