Not all publics are equally useful

Not all publics are equally useful

Not all publics are equally useful. Some normal guy needs to dissociate itself from the iron curtain. Of course, it is yours, but we warned you.

1. Love «in» and «on»

manygoodtips.com_20.04.2015_sWBmVkcyJ6uQrLately, like rabbits, have multiplied a lot of public like «Dating in Bugul’ma» or «Love in the Bryansk septic system school», where lonely hearts (and not at «House 2» to take me to court for using this phrase) talk about the beauty of the person will never be together. As a rule, on anonymous confessions and other sufferings of the reproductive organs comes. It’s one thing when these pages used to do to get information about the unknown person. It is much worse when using them begin to establish a relationship and Declaration of love. Well, be a man, read our magazine! How many on this theme was written, rewritten! There are therefore very simple: get acquainted in a personal, confess love in a personal meeting. These public use only to search for victims, further fishing and… everything.

But most importantly, don’t flirt openly in the comments on the other lady, if the second half of your bed is sleeping is different. Imagine that she has her period, she will take your phone, see the correspondence in «answers» and want the complete Holocaust of your brain.

2. Pornography can come, they can watch, sometimes even necessary. But never, never tell and do not show that you signed! Better keep that group to hell! No one needs to know that you love to watch «Hardcore, incest, pissing porn». Half of the people will turn on you, and the other will tell you that you’re a sick bastard. And imagine your boss will see your passion for BDSM. It is unlikely he will play «50 shades of grey».

By the way, throw in a subscription to a group of video Sasha gray is also not necessary. She is a talented actress, writer, DJ, but we all remember her in another incarnation.

3. «Patsanskie» quotations least it’s not fashionable and already out of date. However, hundreds of «intellectuals» until now, repost on your wall «philosophy», for example: «Sorry, mom, drunk and knocked fists. I just have psoriasis, and I tore both hands; his Brother had based; jerk off Left, right ass tickle; I Want two sons. One thief and the other Prosecutor…» Seems to be able to abandon them before birth.

Remember, «males» pablik – a Handbook for degradation. The more you repost, the less people think you’re adequate. It is not compatible with good taste, adequacy, happy old age and common sense.

4. Shock content

manygoodtips.com_20.04.2015_N89mWpsRgcT5dCan’t live without luxurious types of dismemberment and other oddities – at least hide it. In a pub like «Dirt» and «Dog rush» has its own charm. But it is better not to repost another video, which armless midgets pissing on the corpse of Brazilian porn actress or something like that. Your mother will never forgive you. By the way, I must remember to hide.

However, if you are in groups where periodically you spread trash art, you always have a good excuse: «I’m studying ephemeral direction of the underground».

5. Soft and low the public cultural content

manygoodtips.com_20.04.2015_p9T96fVdTEiorBoast that you fanateesh of Nyusha and «Glee Cast»? It is not necessary. It is at least very rude. Repost for every new hit the sweet shit is more expensive. Well, who will you be taken seriously if your whole wall filled with masterpieces Aziz and Conchita Wurst? Probably your girlfriend would be ashamed.

Folk wisdom says not to be ashamed of what you love. But openly bragging is also not necessary.

As for quotes such as «There is nothing better than a smile of their own baby» and «Tenderness is the water that we have to water the relationship», then they are best forgotten. It is something on the level of «patsanski» book of quotations. Well, or at least is no less desire to break the monitor. So, basically, this epidemic has affected women, but the men did not escape such a shameful fate. You’re the man! Where the concert Motorhead and recipes of meat on the coals?!

6. Righteous public

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2015_Kx1zqYEtkwp8pHere, rather, the spirit of the times. It seems to be in such pages as «I am Russian», «I am Orthodox», there is nothing wrong, if not aggression, which goes beyond the page. At least unpleasant in the hundred and fifth time to stumble in their feed-tape on a repost, which is actively and clearly explains why the «Pindos shit, atheist shit, and we’re awesome». Posts with a call to go and join the rally against nebogougodnom concert do not cause anything but disgust. But it is unlikely that this might have something to do, because a large crowd is sure he is right.

7. Bayans are publics that make new memes!!!», and there are those who base their content on so-called «Bayan» three years ago. The main characters – kittens, worldly humor and the laughs the older generation and classmates.

Sometimes there is deja vu, when the reviews come across another repost of «freshness of Alpine meadows» of 2010. Timeliness – the weapon of a gentleman.

8. Moment of glory

manygoodtips.com_20.04.2015_PDOZPTHUlyK4nIn such publics, like «Hey, now drink,» the work is as follows: you, drunk in the mess, trying to make a fun photo you could only present your exhausted is not «Fitter» of the brain, choose the wretched, send one of the admins and they post. As a result, the morning but a strong hangover, your mind is watered by a fresh batch of comments, which are unfamiliar to you people belittle your really not the cutest face and called a «peasant» or «primary school students» for your choice of drinks, not forgetting to remind the aristocrats «Strike» don’t drink.

Andy Warhol not say nothing about the «15 minutes of fame» for everyone. But fame is bad. This is not good. You’re just bringing shame on his head. Such therefore better excluded from the diet.

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