Not a man: what is missing in modern dude?

Our society for some hundred years moved c horse carriages to cars. Humanity could not even dream about the developments that have emerged in our time, such as telephone, Internet and computer technologies. Life is much easier now, no need to go into the mine from seven years to feed themselves and their seven children. But everything became easier? Many philosophers of the type of Bertrand Russell, psychoanalyst Fromm agrees that sooner in the absence of personal freedom he had a notion of what to do. Now, most people need to constantly look for yourself, because they’ve learned that someone has to show them the way. Men are born to have certain natural qualities to be ambitious, hardworking, confident. Men have forgotten what it means to be. Instead, they have become selfish and have studied the stupid phrase «no One owes nothing». So that lost men in the last 20 years?

1. Courage

< Currently, many people do not have confidence. They don’t have passion in their desire to achieve what you want: whether woman, work, dreams, interests, embodied in the life of ideals and ambitions — they are overwhelmed by the fear.But sometimes there is no fear, there is confidence that «it will come». The desire to start to do something they have not: why even bother? You don’t like her — she is guilty. Even if we want to fight for a girl, run after her and do stupid things, we are twenty times convince yourself that this is the end. It is not that we are scared, and that all our negative aspects: selfishness, laziness, pride, confidence, we all must immediately outweigh the banal desire to achieve something better. We prefer static content with the dynamic. We are not in a good way content with the bird in the hand. I wrote about this in the article about the accident and happy people. Courage is courage and confidence. No inflated sense of self-importance, and the assurance that you have the hand won’t tremble to do something important. Unfortunately, girls are always attracted to the courage, for lack of suitable candidates choose daring men who are cowardly by nature, but terribly brisk, have wandering eyes and as if the confidence though nothing.

2. Loyalty

Not only do we not know how to work hard and carefully; how to return to the people we care about; how to fight for their ideas. And all because we don’t really know why we need it. A lot of people abandoned devotion, recognizing its unnecessary. «I’m a dog?» — surprised people.

Loyalty to the company or the joint business allows you to work well, though not perfectly, but certainly not carelessly. That is why devotion is so important. But it is not necessary to carry it only on a business relationship, in personal life, loyalty is important, not less. It shows how well you relate to a certain person, it strengthens the confidence of loved ones that they are dear to you.

But it only works when the one whom you betrayed, reciprocates.

3. Focus

Men used to be the center of attention. It leaves us with ancient times to the present. Some like it, do peacocks, to dissolve huge tails to get noticed competitors and ladies. It is a common thing but what distinguishes all this from a mere ostentation, which is so strongly rejected by me? The presence of a normal dude such a simple and important component of the concentration. What is it? Is the ability to select from thousands of different factors that which is really important. Therefore the experience that they get with no experience at all, but just events, because the experience is not only a series of cases, but the lesson you have delivered. The focus needs to come from experience, so that later you could get more experience. A direct dependence.

4. Culture

Many men have lost touch with the culture. They are sloppy, their approach is not care, they just want to quickly finish the job, and how well it is done, they don’t care. They don’t care about the details of the work or of any other business, among them in high esteem floors.

We should have a purpose, passion and personal interests. Of course, the lack of vision in all ages, however, I honestly can’t imagine any Viking who bothered would have no meaning of life, he probably had the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Viking could break somebody’s head, burn the Church, to rape someone, pray to Odin. If I wanted to be creative, you can become a skald, and compose songs about the halls of Valhalla and Freya’s Tits. Then everything was simple and everyone could choose from a relatively small number of possibilities.

Not to be superficial, we must have some semblance of their own culture that needs to surround us. It will help us not go crazy and best to achieve your goal. The need to read, watch movies, play high-quality toys that have favorite Hobbies, hobby, master a craft… It makes life more enjoyable.

5. Ambition

Ambition is passion, passion is ambition. Many people are unable to determine what they like, what they could spend huge amounts of time, improving their skills, be it profession or interests and Hobbies.

However, in the modern world, competition is sharper than ever. It’s hard to find something to their liking. It is for this reason the man should be reminded of the importance of being ambitious and have passion: these people have very little.

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