Not a freak, and the experimenter: the musicians, not like the other

For the sake

There are many different musicians. Some dress up in pretty clothes and sing in sweet voices about something so unrelated to reality nonsense, others just kiss the hands, a third overload the guitar and crying into the microphone, a fourth use of the rich musical knowledge to create masterpieces. But there is a special caste, which deliberately creates music unlike, unusual, sometimes strange, and sometimes even some garbage. It can be strange vocals, or too peculiar music. If musically they didn’t pressurize, then finish visually and behavior, or of or from another, the common man will break involuntary: «Oh, shit, what the f*var!», and the aesthete: «Yes this is a new word in the music industry!» So we decided to pick those that are sound, behavior, manner of singing. These experimentalists no one has ever collected in such close company, so I hope you won’t blow the roof from the peculiar aftertaste of their songs.

We tried to include musicians, not just freaks such as Alex Law and Albina Sexova. You say that the list is not complete, someone was missing? We say that the proper attention will the second and third part.

1. The Exploration — I Guess, I’m Leaving

If these guys came to years of commercials of the ‘ 80s to the office of a Los Angeles promoter, he probably would have said something like: «These guys are fucking geniuses! They have their own style and sound, the highlight, but we’re not going to sell them. They are very similar at all, and at the same time too unique.» In this trouble The Exploration, they’re too indie, and too mysterious, the network is very difficult to find information about them. This Internet-draft, hidden under a big layer of genius. They deliberately played like school group after 4 rehearsals imagines himself a genius years, but this is their charisma. Very strange, immense guitars, which is something from Steve Morse and John Frusciante. Clean, not overloaded electrical sound, like a small sailboat takes you on the waves of your memory. Solo emanates from these bright sadness, like the memories of a close friend who had gone forever and you knew that as before will be gone. But then your dreamy ancestors worried about noisy that slips into a falsetto recitation of the vocalist. And strangely enough, these cries is borne by such beautiful simple music. But if you listen closely, you can hear that loud mouth screaming about love, about the ghosts of the past and chosen a road which wanders life. In this amazing eclectic simplicity and beauty is the highlight. Most importantly, do not listen to the lyrics, otherwise you’ll start crying, remembering the past and your dreams you threw into the closet, behind the old TV, but they were not seen. And not stirs the heart.

2. Focus — Hocus Pocus

1973. Experienced American promoters wonder why the hell yodel erupts on the top of music charts. People rushing from a strange Dutch band Focus, which was pushed into one song sifflet, a part of Jethro Tull and the same Jodl, and framed in a very cool rock shell. Still, they have in the group, Jan Akkerman was playing, and he, for a moment, one of the greatest guitarists within the stratosphere. People with Paco de Lucia played, and were honoured not everyone.

Focus was highly relevant in the Wake of the popularity of art-and progressive rock, in other words, mixing several incompatible, it would seem, styles, and adding a little comic, jumped on the wave of relevance, adding a big glob of identity. And I must admit that this song has remained a pinnacle of creativity, the Dutch Quartet. The rest of their creation is mostly a smooth, very melodic Baroque-rock, with stunning, very professional music and vocals Tisa van Lara. But the problem is that they are boring, even in those moments when she erupts from your Les Paul potjazhelevshie rock Orgy.

We immediately see that the group contains professionals of the highest level, but I especially want to highlight van Lara. The synthesizer igrets, and flute dudes, and the voice of the singer, and generally PI**ETS. After all, this is a live performance, and yet he never once dogged on time switching tools, with Jodl on the whistle, with one melody to another, from one tempo to another. It’s daunting, but this is what distinguishes a top musician from those who never liked Yuri Loza.

«Hocus Pocus» shot came out brilliant and still nobody has written anything similar to this masterpiece. Reefs Ackerman awaken the dormant rock-n-roll of the demon, and the vagaries of the van, Lara laugh and delight at the same time.

3. John Maus — Maniac

Best friend of Ariel Pink, Professor of philosophy and just a wonderful musician John Maus, well known to lovers of good electronic music. These same people know that he heard the mouse one time, to forget him is impossible. And those who saw him alive, then a month to go under the impression, to quote found a video on YouTube with the celebrant. By the way, in real life he’s a maniac, as described in the song. Indeed, a normal person can not write such a frightening and at the same time charming music. At every live performance he literally dies, giving a 40-minute set so that it barely stays on his feet. And when the breath and the power is low, he sits on stage and literally squeezes those notes with yourself. My friend has been after one of the fests to socialize. Impression — as if he had been in a cage with Charles Manson, the feeling that when he says something like stops breathing.

Fucking genius, I used to take lo-Fi, even his avant-garde, disco and synth-pop can be distinguished due to the deliberate low quality, but fuck it! All this doesn’t matter, his music is majestic and supportive as a Church organ and vocals excites and scares, if it killer.

4. Diamanda Galas — Gloomy Sunday

Dark Valkyrie alternative culture, has a stunning voice in 4 octaves, and the ability to write beautiful melodies, and make a performance in the ruins of respectable music. Actually this explains why the charming American of Greek origin likes to learn from some infernal sounds, is familiar to us songs. Although, the crown 4 octaves of the Diamond from time to time, treats his fans.

Diamanda is a kind of death rattle from the depths of hell. Dark lady, albeit a very talented one at that. Let often her voice sounds similar to songs of the Yakut shaman, hissing Tasmanian devil and the cries of wild ostriches, there is in it something special.

5. Pyotr Mamonov-Sleeping Awake

At the time, Russian exotic issued a «Sounds of Mu» so impressed the producer of all the world and part of the father of ambient music Brian Eno, that he immediately offered Mamonovo and To contract with the subsequent large-scale tour across America and Europe. Foreign audience playing the Holy fool is not particularly impressed, they have their freaks enough, but for us, Petro became the ruthless personification of the Russian experimental music and part of the main fool of the country. Surprisingly, people recent years leads a righteous way of life, thoroughly repenting for the past, and calling himself hermit, while still in films, concerts and walks on the show. As otshelnichestvo, but Oh well. The main thing in Mamonovo his singing talent, behavior and charisma. To call him a musician with a capital letter, the language does not turn, rather, artist and showman, but if you once heard his song — you’re unlikely to forget it. And let it all resembles speech of a mentally ill grandfather, excited at the chords of Konstantin Stupin, it is much easier and more fun to listen than any album of Chris Isaak full.

6. White Noise — Love without sound

It was a unique project for its time. Long before the eclectic electronics of the Duo the White Noise in 1969, writes something incredible, namely the album An Electric Storm. This intense and sometimes just perefraziruya the album mixes a number of genres — here you can find echoes of psychedelic rock, ambient, and did not exist then trip-hop. This is a very atmospheric work that combines tragic vocals, string instruments and synthesized noises and tones. They were among the first to define the concept of electronic music — extract sound from all that beeping and buzzing. It was very impressive and original, starting from the amazing vocals of David Vorhaus, whose sad and peculiar tone resembles the monologues of Victor Koklyushkin, and finishing all kinds of chaotic performed by individuals, like R2D2. And that’s Love without sound is a whole conceived the concept of the project, and proved to be the most interesting, original and well-known composition. But the feeling after listening to it, is twofold. In the dark it is better not to try.

7. Dad Srapa

Why Dad SRPA had the honour to be a member of our Assembly, and not, say, another wizard of weird noises Charles Dodge? Well, because we are primarily musicians, and Dodge was a physicist and researcher, and then later a musician. Music is just for pampering and confirmation of their own hypotheses. And so, here you can enable and Pahom.

Besides, Dad Srapa too unique a character to ignore it. To take just the name. To paraphrase the characters of «South Park»: «If I could come up with such an alias, then I would be soooo happy.»

Eduard Albertovich Srapionov at the time played bass, and worked as a sound engineer with many leaders of the Rostov sector. In parallel, a talented inventor who was constantly busy with something, began to assemble a makeshift synths of its own production, which produced the diverse palette of sounds, from strange and ugly. Similar in appearance to the watchman of the Night’s watch, during concerts, he turns into passionate about the shaman. Not the Papuan, who after inhaling the dope goes into a trance, losing touch with reality, and focused, focused on my technique man, jerking and switching. After all, with the electronics working, and it requires a special approach, without negligence. His tool resembles a chemist experiments with chemicals, plus, in parallel, people come up to him, give to smoke… it looks very specifically like a night at the house concert. But even weirder and crazier his music. It was impossible to listen to, hard to love, and a crime for anyone to advise. However, you can understand the people who from time to time listening. Too original in her Creator, a sin to pass by.

8. Mac DeMarco — My Kind of Woman

The Prince of indie-folk, loved by all fans of the genre and the music media (who constantly include it in any comfortable for the ego of the list), could not pass up this collection. It is so unusual and distinctive with their delicate songs that after such tough guys, like Dad Crapa and John Maus, our selection of the necessary portion of the amorphous, soft buzz.

Hell, it’s the lazy, spineless and sexy music in the world. If you compare it with the drug ward, the music DeMarco — this is the phase of sweet immersion in eternal sleep, when after the buzz fall asleep, never to Wake up. This is all the tenderness of songs of Boris Moiseyev, washed with the waves of the California coast, and in them, for a moment, drowned RHCP, Beach Boys and all the indie fakery the world.

It somehow called crazy town, but he just takes interesting videos for their songs. They can only emphasize pedestrains screeching electric guitar, and his criminally slow music. Chic clips, he dances in a mask of Michael Jackson, let videos, where he buys cigarettes Viceroy, and even in a disgusting quality, dresses in pretty woman, as here. In this makeup it is more wonderful than the former average. Very sexy.

Under this music I want to cover «Nutella», to watch at one point, drool and turn into a butterfly. The breadth of genius and strangeness of this music of vast and immense as nick Poppy between the teeth.

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