Not a coward if you hour? How to abandon fear

Fear is the little death, as mentioned in one very good book «dune.» To disagree with this statement is difficult: the fear that poisons our lives, but without fear, life is impossible because it’s a normal reaction to various negative violations from the outside. Another thing to abandon the main side effect of the fear of stiffness. Of course, you can use the litany against fear from «Dune» to convince himself the absence of fear in a given situation. To be honest, it still helps:

«I must not fear.

Fear is the mind killer.

Fear is the little death that entails complete destruction.

I will meet face to face with his fear.

I will let it pass through me and through me.

And when he leaves, I will turn my inner eye on its path.

Where there was fear, there will be nothing.

Only I will remain».

What we usually are afraid of? Someone is afraid to lose the youth, social status, money, control, control over life and many others. How to deal with their fear, how to understand that he is the worst companion, which you can think of?

1. Realize that fear itself is the enemy

Many people are afraid to get into trouble and such a clever way let destructive fear in their souls. In fact, in the superstitious mindset that sincerely believes in the opportunity to be the voice of doom, lies the half of human problems. Troubles come not because someone self-fulfilling prophecy, but because someone has convinced themselves that trouble will come because of certain actions.

You’re afraid to jinx it. Are you afraid that you will not accept some group of people and you do not accept. You know why? Because you work yourself up hostility against these people, and then, seeing that you these people don’t like, you shout: «that’s what I said!»

Now you know how it works and who is to blame in all of this: fear is the enemy.

2. Stop thinking that this is the end

The most unpleasant kind of fear is fear of the spirit: «Chief, all is lost.» Some guys don’t seriously believe that there are times when it is better to disappear, to disappear, to go underground, because the earth leaves from under feet, and the end of the world is already here.

Always ask yourself one simple question: why do I think this is the end? In this situation so special? We human beings are terribly irrational, when you think that there are actions that will lead to the collapse, though the only thing that causes our collapse is death. As may lurk mortal danger in the answer to the question «what if she rejects me?» A huge hand descended from the sky and crush you? Do not drive, man! Always look at the big picture. The irrationality strengthens our fear, while a simple logical questions that we can ask ourselves, dispel it!

3. Fear of failure

If a person discovers that in the land of 200-carat diamond, but out of ignorance thinks that this is useless crap, about whom it tells us more about the diamond or the person? For a dude with a diamond or of no value, or he has no idea that this piece of rock is a huge treasure.

Here is an example of life that you can understand. JK Rowling wrote a book about Harry Potter. I do belong to this Saga without the negative: in contrast to «Twilight» and «hunger games», a normal teenage literature that grows with the reader and what it teaches. Not brilliant, of course, the more than 200-carat diamond. Before you publish a book and get a lot for it, Rowling received one refusal after another from various publishers. She refused five publishers, if I remember correctly. But she didn’t stop what she is we must pay tribute, she went on and there she was lucky. What happened next we all know very well: the book has gained immense popularity has forced Joan to write a lot of books and brought her a ton of money. And she could stop for a second publisher not to succeed.

In denial there is nothing wrong. This means that you need or modify something, or to look for other applicants. Everything is very simple. Rejection is unpleasant, but, as we know from the second paragraph, not deadly. By the way, do not forget that if something doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

4. Don’t run away from fear

Fear becomes significantly more difficult if reside at a distance from it. You need to be right on the battlefield, to remove the fear through you and over you. That will stay on the path of fear? Nothing, there was only you. Hell, the litany against fear is awesome!

5. Enough to want to be right

You know what is the reason that you have a fear of being rejected, humiliated or wrong? That some part of you sure you can’t lose, to be rejected or like you’re always right. This is a terrible selfishness, coupled with a monstrous belief that a small loss, failure, or admitting you were wrong makes you a LOSER. You can’t understand that a loser will make you.

The problem with most people is that they do not know what they want from life. The big problem is that they don’t know anything about yourself. We are growing, adjusting himself under some stupid, invented by someone unknown standards, which mingled with the traditions, remnants of the past, our main cockroaches and turned into the ties that bind us and make us do what we want, because the alleged NEED. The most important thing in these bonds we are comfortable, because outside we will remain in the dark as to what to us truly better. And you just need to relax and understand that even if you let things slide even for a moment, everything will become easier. On the significance of your victory must always be equal to your mistakes. No one is always right. If you seriously think you’re always right, then, alas, you do not mind shines.

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