Nostalgia critic — bearded obzorschik bad and old movie


Dude, you probably once in your life watched reviews on bad movies. Specially made. Usually such online reviews critic shit pours bad movies, shouts, jokes and all fun. In that case, if obzorschik decent.

Fashion review bad movies came through this guy. His name is Douglas Darien Walker, he lives in America. This dude is far 5 years ago decided to overlook the bad movies along the way osmeivaya them and raising their viewers mood. He posted them on YouTube and became famous. And generally he did well.

They say that the Internets had other bad movies. to Douglas, but to be honest, about them no one remembers.

Popular Douglas did his talent, ability to change votes, make enough high-quality parody and the ability a very funny joke. Among other things, nostalgia critic (under this alias Douglas stands when examining old bad movies) is quite erudite and well versed in the history of cinema, history, film genres, and, apparently, quite strongly, loves movies in General. Well done, man!

Began his journey of the Internet celebrity Douglas when invented the genre of «Movie in 5 seconds». So, dude, this genre was invented by this man. By the way, he still does it. «In 5 second» as a genre when the whole point of the film is sliced in less than 1 minute. Sometimes it’s wildly cool.

Then he first appeared in public, rather in the video. In this video he showed 50 different parodies of celebrities in 50 seconds. And he really missed over time.

Then he began to explore the old bad movies. And generally bad movies. Among them there are old hits, which he skillfully vasterival, finding them illogical and inaccuracies, among them there are and the generally accepted bad films such as «Batman and Robin». Strongly suggest to see the review on this movie. Very good review! It is advisable to find it with subtitles!

In addition to bad movies, the critic examines the new hits that came out lately. As a witty critic people, they came up with for related latest movies funny character — the homeless of Chester, who sleeps in the cinema, goes to bask and incidentally watching that they show. Chester strange and enthusiastic. However, this image is the stereotypical image of American homeless, according to which all the homeless in America — an infinitely strange people.

Also, the critic in the role of a strange man with a pipe and Slippers by the name of «the guy with the glasses» answers stupid questions like, «My hamster is in love with Medusa. Is this normal?». He replies with exceptional cynicism and an even more exceptional sadism.

The critic himself has given life to many young talents, inviting them to do reviews on websites. Each anniversary of the site’s existence was marked simply films with the participation of all.. The first movie was a parody of militants from the insidious villains who are taking over the world. The second movie is a parody of a typical bad sense of the word fantasy, and the last movie — parody of science fiction. All movies are very funny, but most of the jokes will be clear only to fans of the critics themselves.


Unfortunately, the critic stopped doing reviews on old movies, finally burying the image of «Nostalgic critic». Now he’s just the producer of the website, which sometimes shakes the old man. But we still have his past reviews, which some tens.

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