Normally do — will be fine, or how to avoid bad karma

karmaYou may think that your current failures are just bad luck, you never know, it happens to everybody: a black stripe. But this black stripe does not fall on us are just so out of nowhere, usually it is the result of what we’ve done. And it’s not even punishing the law of retaliation, simply every action has its consequences. When we tucks opportunity, we always have the choice to use it or lose it — though the good with the bad. Before you pretend to be dead, not opening the door to another chance, here’s a few tips on how not to ruin your life.

The favor

Generally the way they do: if someone does you a favor, then made thank him for the service. Besides, it’s not just a courtesy but a law of life: it is nice to help someone, especially if it helped you. If someone is thinking about you and did something good, it’s logical that you’re glad, thankful and want to be useful to him. But that’s not necessary, these are their thoughts and stories about the good deeds to post to all social networks. If you want people to help you, you can send them a message.

No need to keep score

The relationship is not the kind of thing you can weigh, measure, count and say who has the most points and who better man: it’s obvious, man. Instead of being the type of ruble debt will not, not seeing yourself the expense, how generous. Goodbye, forget past, move on, live happily.

The one who always scores and is always waiting for the recoil, causing a lot of heart and headache in the first place for himself: we all know that many good deeds go unnoticed and unappreciated. But this does not mean that they do not need to do. Not to turn into a piece of shit, constantly trying to equalize, treat their business not as something special: just do them, not giving them more weight. Do good things and don’t look at anyone. You can get tired to be such a positive guy, you want to take advantage of his position, but in the end people will remember everything you’ve done for them, and appreciate it much more than emails with angry: «Give me my money, asshole!»

Be careful

This is a very simple thing, but for some reason people don’t do. Attention allows you to control how you interact with others and what value they attach to it. If you’re a jerk, then people, even if you don’t think you’re a dick, but with the holidays you wouldn’t get congratulations. But if you empathize and relate to people with interest, they also care about you, I guarantee it.

For example, if you book a table for dinner with friends, you ask them where they would like to sit and chose a place that will be liked by everyone and where everyone is safe is a manifestation of attention. And some inconsiderate idiot would bring his girlfriend to a barbecue to friends and not even care what she does while he fills his belly. You don’t want to be that type? Manifestations of attention.

Learn some manners

All of us have a mother, but few people realize how much we owe her. Now we can walk, to talk, to dress themselves and eat, and still pay for your food and clothes — and it’s all thanks to her. She helped you in all that you do, what it could still teach you? She was the chief officer of manners, if you remember, was not in vain.

Knightly chivalry is something that will never go out of fashion, although nowadays it is difficult to find a more annoying word than «gallant». Open the door women out of the car (even if not sexual), help old ladies to get on (even if they are not too sexy), don’t smoke in public — it is the same natural thing as what you walk, talk and pay for your food, because mom would want you behave like this. And even if you have a family were not going smoothly, that’s no excuse. Just be a man and teach yourself some manners himself. Will not regret it.

Take the example of a father

Your dad was certainly a very good person, make wise decisions that went in your favor, and tried very hard for those he loves. This is exactly what I do family man. Take a cue from his old, he still has a lot to learn. Try to adopt those principles that you think are smart. We are not saying that you should get into a fight when he drinks, if he did that — we talk about the good things that you saw from him in life. We all have our faults, don’t need to add on to their even strangers. But he could easily reconcile those who had quarreled, always found the right words and knew how to behave in almost any situation.

If your friend helped you find a job, rinse it with him. If it’ll help you move, buy him something. If your dude instead of you will tell your friend that it’s over because you’re too scared to do it himself, kiss his bearded cheek. Well, you know.

Listen to yourself and not everyone else

You’re an adult type and understand that how people behave in relation to each other (even if so many do, and often) is not always good and right. In fact, very often people do outright crap, because it’s easier, more profitable. If you a gut feeling that you should not be done, because it’s bad, though simple, do not give in to temptation and not a hypocrite even to himself. Deep down you know how to do. In the end, you don’t want to climb on top of the world, it’s not your goal. But to sleep with a clear conscience — it’s a great normal guy. People who think that money, fame and power are the most important things in the world, in fact those pieces of shit.

Once positiva comfortably in his chair and reading the newspaper, you know the story about the guy who wanted a lot of money saved on wages of their employees and in jail. And it will be just some dude, not you, because you always listen to yourself. And the dude seems to have forgotten that all actions have consequences.

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