Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a relatively young sport, which originated among the hot Finnish guys (which is why it is also called «Finnish/Norwegian/Nordic walking») in the forties of the last Millennium and was originally designed for training professional Finnish skiers to keep them in shape in the summer. But the wide popularity of walking sticks found later, in the late ‘ 90s, when it began to actively promote the sports community of Finland.Yes, it’s those weird dudes with ski poles without the skis, you, probably, often seen in parks. A lot of them especially in European countries. Today, the international Association of Nordic walking includes 23 countries. Among them, New Zealand and South Korea. Russia is not included in it, although almost every major city has clubs of fans of this type of walk and fitness clubs include it in his list of outdoor activities.

During this training you rely on four points, are involved back, legs, arms, considering the biceps and triceps, increased endurance and load, but not as intense as when running. It is also possible to work the press, if a little to expand the body left and right, making the steps, it connects to work the oblique abdominal muscles.

Plus, this activity reduces excess weight, activates approximately 90% of all body muscles, improves cardiovascular and respiratory systems, normalizes blood pressure.

When walking with sticks feet should be kept in a slightly bent position, as for all other types of fitness. Starting position: pull your right hand forward, holding the stick at an angle, and left free to hold at the level of the pelvis and pull back. Stepping, it is necessary to lower the foot to the heel, moving on the toes, with the result that on the surface is the whole foot entirely. It is necessary to keep a rhythm: right hand – left foot, keeping the body at a slight angle, not upright. First, we need to stand on the heel and then toe.

Sticks should be kept near the body, not parting hands are very wide, they play the role of a support and coordinate movement of arms and legs, helping to push off while walking. Sticks are fixed on the hands of the special straps, so even if you unclench your fingers, they will not fall out.

Professional Nordic Walking can be purchased at the sports shop. They are very light, so do not put stress on the joints.

Don’t forget to do warm-up and ignore the ridicule or the surprised looks of the ignorant and helpless fools.

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