NOOKA DELOREAN is another DELOREAN design old lady, 2.07.2013, oq1xRqdGsOriaExLtlXFH9WxAJ9Pv3GX

Perhaps you remember the old DELOREAN car from the awesome movie «Back to the future», which, in fact, was the main character of this film. I remember how cool this car was drifting on mesurement space with a mad Professor Doc brown. And damn, no wonder this car is so like the geeks and all Americans.

Mike Lubrano, a designer from new York, bought a almost exact replica of the DELOREAN from which he made a very interesting design trick, which is called the NOOKA DELOREAN. The new machine is a… taxi. Mesurement taxi. So imagine how someone calls a taxi, for example, from the nineteenth century to the time of Pharaoh. And how are we going to charge? For years or for centuries? Weird. But it looks funny, although a loyal fan of «Back to the future» in me says it’s the essence of heresy.

Mike is going to sell the car, but the price is still unknown., 2.07.2013, 2XR8ZAanNdPUB9OSD16okKFbHotUhSXF, 2.07.2013, v3AxDYbHobPhskMIMAgH9XKU6ALsIjeB

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