Non-sexual things that make your girlfriend sexier

manygoodtips.com_26.04.2016_sDYpj4nMSPoTQLove is not a pussy, love it when the soup is tasty.

– Ivan Okhlobystin –There are many sexy qualities that make a girl sexy. But what is sexuality? This is when you want to fuck somebody next to you. And for what? For delicious forms? If only for this, that long your relationship will not last. Sexuality is magic, which is based on spiritual and human qualities, and if your virgin anything the following is no, then it is unlikely that you will something worthwhile. That is, in fact, these very qualities.

As she walks

This is not how it is, basically, a little clumsy in uncomfortable but beautiful shoes, tramples on mortal earth. It’s about how she comes into the room and instantly attracts your attention, just move on. Even if you can’t see her eyes, you feel her presence, noise, vibration and other sounds. And when it comes, when you come back and see her, you don’t want to crawl under the covers and cry from how it you very much (this is after 3 after the wedding), and Vice versa: the soul of some stupid children’s joy and delight. As well, your mother!

Her eyes do not look at you, and you

Every man has his judge, every used, looking to evaluate and draw conclusions. Only here such views are very superficial and no depth in themselves are not: look at the shell, not the soul. Look into the soul-never judge, just see you for who you are. And if your lady seeing your rotten gut, as before with you, it means a lot, my friend.

Confidence in you

Poradi.s. ua_26.04.2016_8urf5JLksMKLPYou can go from Boobs, pussy and other delights of his lady and appreciate it solely for the presence of female signs, who do you forbid. Only this would mean a rather bleak thing: your stupidity. The chest is sexy, but the mutual trust… What is really there, we see his selfishness in the eye: trust her much sexier. In the end, trust is the sign of a confident woman and with this woman, confident and bold, much more interesting. And that rush of adoration and love for her in moments when she trusts you, it’s hard to compare with anything else. Just do not confuse naivety (when she believes in your lies) with confidence (when you’re not in doubt).

How it helps others

You want to find a sexy woman? Find a woman that will take care of you, one that is ready to lend a helping hand to those who ask for it.

It is never too busy, especially in those moments when so desired to friends and family. And it is no favor, just in her inherent nature and upbringing, the tendency to care for those she loves. This mother goose, which gives their offense.

How passionately she lives her life

Passion is the chemical mixing, which holds love. Without her love disappearing, and life is extinguished. It is passion that forces you to considered each other sexy even if you’re both small in stature and with the scab on his head. In addition, it is passion combined with love makes you love Hobbies each other.

Like it makes you better

manygoodtips.com_26.04.2016_JQHRgU0lGN8OhSexuality is the energy that moves us. It affects us, motivates, excites and attracts. Sexuality is partly born of love, but when one of the partners, its level is markedly reduced (in our case – she), we begin to dig in themselves and try to be a little better. Begin to change their habits, which seem to be senseless and vulgar, and it’s not podkabluchnichestvo is love.

As she listens

Maybe not everyone will understand, but in a world where everyone loves to talk, listening skills and adds charisma to the person, and in our case also and sexy. The person who can listen to your nonsense, and not just to share, I want to hug and kiss, drink and… again to kiss.

This is the whole core value of human communication: to be able to perceive the interlocutor, to give the person to talk to. It is not so interesting as to draw support from the population, but such sacrifices need to go, because sometimes listening helps better than other drugs, and the more you communicate with people, the more you start to appreciate the skill. And if it owns your beloved, then consider yourself as a happy person.

As she shares

If divided – so generous! Or just caring. The second is even better, because care implies love. Why do you have a woman who eats the sandwiches and the apples your own? Here she did you when you never asked for it, gave their headphones when your once again fell into the spokes of the wheels of a passing cyclist, showed sacrifice, without asking, gave to eat more fish, seeing how udavolstviem you are eating it – so beautiful lady, you have to take.

As she likes

She loves you not for what you provide, not only for the experience that you share together, living together day after day, not for how you make her feel close to him.

She loves you because when she looks into your soul, she notices there are signs of a person who deserves love. Her love. She loves you just because you are, you’re her mate, her choice. And while she loves you, «prisons are, the capital of sleep, and the Earth rotates» («Butyrka»).

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