Nomad Pack: portable battery charger for Apple

manygoodtips.com_15.12.2014_SUnHEx9Cn0R8lNow there are many accessories that can be the perfect pair for your iPhone. But if you suffer heavy gagloshvili, then you certainly won’t hurt buying another one, new and sleek portable battery pack for your collection. Brand Nomad is known that produces the mass market a great charger, disguised as another utilitarian item. For example, a line of accessories is a gadget, as a developer charging cable in the form of credit card for iPhone and Android. The company now proposes to get rid of capacious that take up much space in a bag portable battery. NomadPack turns proprietary rechargeable Apple laptop battery. The device is made in the form of a case housing, which houses the USB port. Through it the device is receiving a charge of energy every time the whole set is connected to the outlet. iPhone and iPad is also charged by the port from the outside.



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