Nobody cares: nobody wants to hear your whining

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2014_lune7OOx1C4bfWe’re all tired to speak. We are all tired to listen. We’re all tired of pointless conversations from complaints to life, whining, quarreling, and different polite shit. Then why do we repeat all this every day? Trust me, buddy, no one wants to hear all of these things and endlessly discuss the same! Of course, there are perverts out there that want to whine non-stop, to listen to other people’s complaints and discuss them with someone in third. But they’re not all!

There are people who urgently need to shut up. They do not mind, but I think that some fictional social etiquette requires them to listen and to discuss the same. Believe me, no social etiquette, no. These topics are useless, because they are bronze on the Titanic, which sunk into Oblivion.

What kind of conversations that can be maintained? Oh! We have a whole list! Each item can be assessed differently, and to discuss in a different way, without turning my speech into a never-ending stream of complaints. We no longer Noah.

1. That you’re lonely

Even your close comrades already had heard plenty of talk about your loneliness and inability to find the right woman. Why? Yes, because you say it too often. It affects everyone who has long been one. Maybe the first few times you spared, but now you all got the order. Stop it!

2. About what your woman is a bitch

If your woman is a bitch, break up with her. Everything will become easier! But you complain about it, sure… the girl on her boyfriend. Don’t you think that you’re wrong?

3. About what your woman is awesome

We are very happy dude! And now let us live peacefully.

4. What you have bad parents

It is not that to complain about bad relatives, the appropriate people are well aware that relatives can be a pain in the ass. The problem is that it can affect the attitude of others to you. Scary the number of people confident that if your relatives is bad, then you are bad.

There is another side of the coin. Society is wary of those who speak badly about their parents. And most people do not care about your bad childhood. They would have their problems to deal with.

5. That hungover

You feel so bad, because you can’t control yourself! If you don’t want that to happen again, just drink less and complain less. Their complaints are you trying to cause a drop of sympathy, but the hangover is a result of your problems with alcohol. Only himself to blame.

6. About the need to leave a tip

The topic comes up infrequently, but she stubbornly gives you a tightwad. Clamped poor students, 15 percent of the order value? Well, nice of you to pay! But why then complain about the fact that I overpaid for questionable services? Tipping is not necessary. You don’t have to pay, if you are so greedy.

7. About how many food calories

You’re the man. Man is not supposed to count calories and tell others about it. Man needs to sort out in the mind of a certain food «is» energy performance, if it protects their own health or actively swinging for the competition. But counting calories in special programs and to know what is the nutritional value of each piece of bread is not a man. Man pretends to be! And not complaining to anyone that today he ate 200 calories more.

8. About your intolerable regime, diet or lifestyle

Are you on a diet designed to reduce the amount of fat in your body to accelerate metabolism or help you to build quality meat on the bone? Cool. You did good, took will in a fist and all that jazz. You might even praised, but almost immediately forgot this fact, but you that will be the day to complain about how it’s hard to resist a beer after work or a sweet roll on a lunch break. All do not care for it! Nobody cares about your gastronomic suffering. Gossip, fresh rumors — that I like to listen to a lot, but complaints and whining — no.

9. About «how you got those selfie»

A selfie is a sign of TP and typical women. To argue about this endlessly, but many crossbows irritate more than a bull a red rag. Harmless pictures-portraits nobody hurt, but it does not prevent them to be judged and even fierce hatred. If a selfie is really making you nervous so, visit the account of any girl in any social network, and watered it with dirt. Or climb on a forum of haters selfie and put my emotions in a circle of like-minded people. By the way, if you are so sick of semiotic in the mirror, remove themselves from social networks. Simple, fast and effective! And yet, dude, just in case, make sure a hundred percent that you have no hateful picture!

10. About travel in public transport

All travel on public transport. If someone starts talking about it, can support. The main thing is not to annoy colleagues or households complaints on the ride in the bus or subway too often. It makes no sense.

11. About aging

Everyone gets old. You’re going to feel it, and when you’re 25, and when you turn 30, much less when you’re 70. Complaints of old age worthy men, old age must meet proudly and calmly. It is best to laugh it off for this reason — so you show that the subject of age you certainly care, but are you ready for the blows of fate. This position is absolutely correct.

12. Prices at Starbucks and other expensive cafes and cafes, restaurants

If you don’t like the prices at Starbucks, turn around and leave. You can discuss this topic not in the spirit of complaint (nobody likes them), and in this way: «Why do they have such high prices? Franchise? A special coffee? Equipment cool?»

13. Bad food

This will be a lesson to you. There was more to eat or cook for this recipe. To discuss the bad food as possible, which is desirable in the spirit of: «Hey, this place is so shitty cook!», «Yesterday I tried to cook a cake, turned out total shit! I am not a cook».

14. Your weight

You’re too skinny? Sit in silence, all of you so jealous. You’re too fat? Off. Talking about it can often only women, deliver us from this fate that we so often listen to their whining about fat.

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