No worse than Hemingway

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2014_jUaWrMgRKpoH2We we suspect that our readership will be a couple three guys that would not mind blogging, work with a copywriter or, what the hell, writing for

And so we will tell you how to learn how to generate high-quality text.

1. Start now

No need to look at vordovsky white sheet and wait until you get the Epiphany. The longer you shake over an empty page, the harder you will be to start. Type a few words right now. You’ll see it will get easier.

2. Keep it simple

It seems so attractive — to find your own sound, create your own, unique style. Prissy flowery language of Nabokov, irregular, as though broken, the text of Platonov…

Don’t be clever, dude. Just write what you think, as you told roommate. To begin to learn to speak clearly, and your own style will come with experience.

3. Write the plan

Jot down the main points you are going to address in your text. This will allow you to direct your thoughts in the right direction, as well as to streamline existing in your head the amount of information on the topic.

4. Avoid perfectionism

Of course, you should strive to write as best as possible, and to check and check writing. But don’t let your desire for perfection to play with you a malicious joke. No need to quit the text because he’s not perfect. Of course, not perfect. I bet Nabokov’s texts from the perspective of Nabokov, too, was not perfect. Just keep writing.

5. Imagine your ideal reader

Mentally construct a figure who will read your text. It could be someone very similar to your friend, or, conversely, the person who has nothing to do with any of your friends. In any case, writing will become easier when you «see» your reader.

6. Don’t be wordy

Don’t shun «clean» your text. Strive for lapidary.

7. Write every day

Writing skill is pumped like any other skill. Regularly doing this, you every day you write better and better.

8. Stick to your schedule

Determine the time of day and what is the most favorable environment for your writing. Let this be your work schedule.

9. Read their texts aloud

Pronouncing the text yourself, you’ll never know weblogsbuy some of its fragments, as well as many stylistic errors. Read their texts aloud.

10. Don’t wait for ideal conditions

You don’t need a two week vacation in Hawaii to begin writing. Stop kidding yourself: either you write, or not write. And do not blame it on a bad architectural decision Marino or the Moscow heat.

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