No use comparing yourself with others

to compare yourself with othersWhat is the main reason for dissatisfaction with yourself and your life? All know but hesitate to answer: the reason is that we constantly compare ourselves with others.

As all this is happening? You see photos of someone on Facebook or Instagram, and suddenly you realize that you have some kind of not exciting life. Stuckenia this, gray. You see that someone has a cool job, and I think, don’t you fucking do something. You see that someone has biceps bigger, and you feel ashamed and sorry for your modest muscle that are not getting in the eyes. Someone started a successful business, and you reproach yourself, that still is not solved. You read about people who travel around the world, studying languages, eating in exotic restaurants and resting in God knows what places, and wonder why you yourself do not.

Of course, you never stop comparing your reality with the ideal, the fantasy, and moreover, you even do not have clear ideas about the ideal. You want everything at once that there are other different people: and such a work, and such other business, and travel back and forth — not even thinking that wouldn’t be able to combine it all.

A lot of sense in such comparisons? The answer is obvious. To compare yourself with others is like comparing apples to oranges: both taste and texture, and all other parameters except the shape. In short, it’s a stupid comparison. You’re not going to compare with free-flowing sugar and water? You’re not going to be understood that it is better the wheel or the lamp? This nonsense that just makes you feel stupid.

Can you give an example from life, which can be extrapolated to any situation where again, you want to think about your own insignificance in comparison with that dude in the gold medals, chocolate and breadcrumbs. Hope that helps.

I run, and when I found a very frisky jogger, the temptation to sink into depression. But I’m in no hurry because I don’t know everything. For example:

  • what is its distance (maybe I run five miles, and he’s only two);
  • how far he progressed through the program (maybe I’m just getting started, and he has, say, already on the 20th week);
  • at what stage of his run he is at the moment (I may still warm up, and he is now at the peak);
  • his experience running (I just started and it runs for ten years);
  • he has an injury (maybe I recently injured my knee, and with him everything is in order);
  • what he trains (maybe a 400-metre sprint, and I’m just running to maintain good form);
  • what he does (maybe running is his only interest, and I have interesting work, great, and moving, and I sleep less);
  • what is his motivation (maybe I just like the choice to run, and he is to overtake all counter goggerle).

Considering all these factors and the elephant a bunch of different others that I don’t know if it makes sense to compare their speed and the speed of another runner? They are not at all comparable. Just so happened that two persons run the same road at the same time, it is nothing more than a coincidence — everything else varies.

In all other areas of our life, everything is exactly the same — is there any sense in silly comparisons to other people? Even less than in the situation described.

The only thing we should focus on is yourself. Enjoy Jogging. In on the run. Keep running, and then it will be much more logical to compare yourself to the future you are. That’s where it will make sense.

It is necessary to direct your attention: enjoy the process, watch yourself, keep doing the steps and not hurry up to compare.

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