No time to kill time

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2016_WWO6jnY63F2TeOften we write about what relaxation is one of the main conditions for productive work or creativity. This is indeed the case. People don’t work, break easily and proper rest strengthens mental balance, does not allow us to retire early, caught the stroke. But in life there are situations when relax you shouldn’t. A series of events requires Herculean concentration, and in such moments, the concept of free time can be considered criminal.

1. A week before exams

Always it will seem that the time to study all the material together is still there, because last time, huh? But honestly, not the result is worth your nerves, why not take just one week to get a repeat? Himself you can thank me later. And if time at University will come to an end, we will have the opportunity to show a new level of awareness, namely to start writing a diploma, a year before his surrender.

2. The coming rise in

Career in our country is unpredictable, and, probably, everyone knows the story of uncle Vasya, who lives in a neighboring yard and worked all his life on the same job as the same employee. I think, it was not possible to go higher? The crisis has hit this man harder than others? In fact, the cause of his wasted life that he had not used the opportunities that he threw the fate. For example, you work in the company and vaguely hear that the chief is going to someone to raise from your office. What to do? Wait lucky? So would any average person, but you’re not him. So you have to work, work and work again, forgetting about fatigue. Prove yourself and your worth, work for two, and will appreciate it. And if not, then change jobs.

3. The end is near you work remotely, the worst thing you can do for your future is to regularly disrupt the schedule. Such freelancers are not respected, they are entered into the black list and curse on the satanic covens. And all because time is money, and if we took the job, do it well. The deadline is approaching and the project is not completed? Forget the movies, TV shows, games and adventure through the city. Work, sleep for four hours, but make it happen. Other ways of respect you will gain, especially in himself.

4. House asks you to kill him

A dishonest man is much worse than it seems at first glance. The apartment turns into a hell, everything is broken and nothing is repaired, you slip on his moldy socks and the layer of dust in front of the dining table reaches the chin. So why to live? If you can not follow the apartment itself, hire a cleaner, if there is no money for a cleaning lady, then be a man and get it myself. Man can not work efficiently in the mud. Set in order their homes, fix, finally, the door handle, align the refrigerator and earn your rest.

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