No stress

manygoodtips.com_27.06.2014_TJlWZOlmK1MhPStress robs you a huge amount of emotional and physical strength, and as a consequence reduced the level of your performance. However, few can boast of such a work, which has no room for stressful situations.

Unfortunately, you will have to live within this vicious circle, it’s time to pick up snot and take control of as stress, and their own performance.

1. Do not be sorry

Focus on what you need to do today, not on what you don’t have time to do yesterday. Instead of having to dive into the depths of sorrow about the fact of failure, switch to thinking how exactly you’re going to make it. Don’t let yourself drown in negative thoughts. The more you think about your failure, the harder it will be psychologically to act and the action itself almost does not remain forces.

2. Give yourself more time

Try not to drive yourself into a rigid time frame. Constant glancing at the clock, which is accompanied by thoughts about what you don’t have time, perhaps for the first time and make you work faster, but the more often you will repeat such a scenario, the greater the risk of absorbing your energy I fear not to meet the deadline. Don’t forget that you are not a machine that can consistently make so many calls per hour and to score as many words per minute you’re a living person, which, probably, sometimes need a little more time to complete the job.

And, of course, don’t forget to take breaks. Literally a five-minute break sometimes is enough to be productive for the next few hours.

3. Don’t do it yourself

If you know that you are not physically able to cope with the task, ask for help. There is nothing wrong. You can more or less objectively evaluate their own strength and, as a consequence, you can compare the scale of the work with its forces. Do not try to cope with what can not cope, it will only lead to increased stress and, consequently, decrease performance.

4. Prioritize

You’ll need to know how important what you’re doing and how the degree of importance of this phenomenon is correlated with the degree of significance of the other. It is impossible to do everything at once, and to pay equal attention to all. In any field there’s a place things primary and secondary things. You risk not only to complete the main if you pay too much attention to minor, but will wallow in their own feelings about failing to catch it.

5. Focus on the stress

In a situation when you have the intention to enter into an unequal battle with stress, it is useful to focus on your opponent. Learn your stress: sit down and write down what situations make you nervous the most and what are the possible consequences of the development of such situations. After analyzing my own experiences so you rationalisierung stress. You will realize that even in the worst scenario of development of events frighten you, in fact, nothing serious will happen. You can see how the intensity of your anxiety is disproportionate to their scale and character of the objects cause them. This analysis will allow you to retain clarity of mind and will save you from unwanted nervousness.

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