No romance

Porada.kom.ua_26.05.2014_m152fDh6lIPyKIn movies people find love anywhere. This life is not much different from the films — with rare exceptions. We noticed that the movie unfairly romanticized some places, being where, love is often an afterthought. Here’s how it looks in real life.

1. Any place where it is raining

A romantic Comedy must include the moment when a couple meets and kiss in the rain or the rain catches them by accident. Hero heroine is harboring a jacket or newspaper, they take off shoes and fun run… somewhere. However, the movie does not show how uncomfortable to be in wet shoes, to discover that you are not working the phone, and his nose was absolutely not romantic parted and blushed. Rain almost like a pimple: there is always at the most inopportune moment.

2. At the concert

Another standard romantic movie plot motif: two go to a concert, where I communicate enthusiastically and unexpectedly realize that they have more in common than musical taste. In this scene they can always talk to each other and can hear every word! In fact, concerts are the loudest thing on the planet, and to hear the interlocutor is not possible, unless she’s screaming in your ear. Your surroundings on the conscience is sweating and waving his arms in the air and shouts. Besides, when you go to a concert, your main goal is to listen to your favorite artist, not to talk about his ex and not listen to stories about someone else’s work and Hobbies.

3. Supermarket

The typical pattern of romanticizing the store in the movies: take two identical products or are drawn to the same subject matter, their hands accidentally touch each other and provoke nothing less than an explosion of emotions. In real life, the supermarkets are jammed with people moving in random order and do not attach much importance to his surroundings. Buyers are slowly moving between the shelves, pushing a trolley, staring at the shelves, as if seeing food for the first time. Even if you happen to meet a nice girl, it will be difficult to talk to her and not to seem strange. «You, too? How strange. We have so much in common! Maybe you want from time to time to eat with me?» Although this is so silly that just might work.

4. Airport

In the movie airport — the quintessence of romance and concentrate feelings. There are the most dramatic and moving events. First, of course, meetings and farewells, the tears flow like water, hugging, kissing ladies on such points stealthily reaching for the handkerchief. Second, the dramatic purchase of the ticket is to fly and to forget about past relationships — intuitively heard the trouble the hero frustrates the plans of crying heroine at the last moment. Thirdly, a favorite technique of the writers, one slowly moving towards the ladder, while the second hurries to the airport at full speed to the reunion.

If the girl wanted to return your love, and to this end went to buy a ticket, instead of just give you a call, how it would be adequate? As for the script, breaking the protection and reunification of the ladder, further reception without a ticket you still let no one, let you publicly declare that your life is destroyed. Finally, the myth about the notorious Dating, as in the song of the group «spleen»: at high altitude two on the chair next to understand that looking for each other our whole lives. Not gonna happen! Next to you will always sit or fat boy, or child, or grandmother.

5. Laundry

And finally, a touching scene in the Laundry room. The guy with the girl confuse their washing machine, the guy awkwardly holding a bunch of pink clothes and does not know what to do with it. It does not concern real life.

First, in Russia, such washing are much less common than in America. Second, if you’re a grown man, able to survive in the real world, you’re able to understand where your washing machine: it is easily recognized by the familiar things inside. If you still got a car with women’s underwear, its owner would never think of falling in love with you. Rather, it will call you a pervert and rush to leave.

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