No-relax: habits that absolutely do not relax

People constantly want to take a breather. If you are tired of work, you’re often advised to «go somewhere to relax.» Typically, this means a bar, restaurant or noisy event. You go out there, have fun, and you begin to feel that you really are distracted from reality and the unknown cosmic forces. Later, however, there comes a time when you want to rest on vacation, but no one gives it value.

All of these things are not a vacation, awhad from reality, and quite poor quality care. Instead, we offer you the proper rest, healthy sleep, activity or opportunity to be alone with him.

1. Social network

You think flipping the tape Twitter or Instagram is a great way to relax and povtykat in pictures and pieces of someone else’s opinions. Yes, you have a number of advantages: you can get the latest world news, news of friends, or watch something funny. But honestly, no one needs it, even you! A large number of unnecessary information, irrelevant and annoying, clogs up your brain with a bunch of disparate facts. Instead of trying to relax and free yourself from thoughts, you only aggravate the situation.

We also said that it is absolutely a waste of time that is better spent on watching the movie or reading the book?

2. Games and online games

Public transport always see people playing easy and simple game on the phone. Some guys come home and run to RAID in WOW, getting virtual armor killing the same boss.

After work, the mind wants rest or something so effortless and pleasant. Instead, you fill its social networking games on your phone, thinking about leveling their characters and, in fact, the desperate pumping of his characters, after he returned home and took my shoes off.

Do you think that it helps to relax the mind and body from the tasks of the day, but one of the problems you plus others. First you’re staring at the computer and watched the symbols at work, after you follow the symbols on the tablet screen, but at home you catch the eyes of colored pixels on the monitor. No rest! The same routine! Or do you relax from the working day more productive, or give yourself a little meditation relaxation before a session of the online game, or shake a more interesting game, or even get rid of this questionable habit.

3. There

We go to relax. Where? Restaurant, bar or cafe. There we convince ourselves that we can and order food, nutritional value of which is equivalent to our two day diet. All that we generously pour alcohol or sweet soda water. Other guys go to the nearest fast food where eating hamburgers and spicy wings to unconsciousness. Fans of home leisure buy decalitres of beer and a ton of unhealthy snacks. So we rested, because the «earned», although nothing special, we did not. What do you do when you’re bored? Eat. What do you do when you’re sad? Eat. What do you do when convinced that the world was evil and you did not take? Of course, eat! There is a traditional way to get rid of problems, and all because tasty food is a real joy! People in developed countries eat not from hunger but from boredom. Of course, in the future you will haunt your bad habits, even if you are sure that your body is absolutely not obese.

4. Drink

A continuation of the previous topic. Any rest in the minds of the frightening number of people closely associated with the need to drink a lot. Despite the proliferation of fashion sobriety, bars and pubs are not closed, and alcohol is sold almost everywhere.

You want to relax and unwind after a hard week? You’re going to drink. One, with friends is irrelevant. Leave it at the bar a huge amount, come out swinging, occasionally stumbling. And in the morning your head like a cast-iron disc.

Totally questionable holiday! You’re wasting your health and time on several hours of unconsciousness, but you pay a heavy price for it in the form of a hangover, nasty taste in the mouth and heaviness in the stomach.

Drinking is not a necessity, of course, if you’re not an alcoholic. It is a cheap and obvious way of escape from reality and the ability to hide from the problems that still remain.

5. Party

Explosive mix of noise, booze and food. All together and all very distracting from a difficult work week. The whole of modern culture is built around parties and festivals. Why? Because they can be fun. The key here is «may». Relaxing from crazy dancing and loud music comes, but comes complete distraction from problems and escape from reality. Don’t you feel that the rethinking or gain strength, you download their brain and give more energy to digest food, alcohol and the need to move, laugh, talk and kink.

No need to get drunk, dance and deaf from loud music regularly. Sometimes it’s nice, but seriously talk to someone that you have at least once a month to get on the bar and dance until you’re kicked out of the bar, not worth it. Diversity more!

6. Bored together

You alone because you’re attracted to a friend. Now you miss being together. Of course, people need social interaction with other members of their species to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. But if you want to succeed, learn to entertain himself. In this situation we do not want to see the other because we haven’t seen him lately. We want to see the other, so he came in and did we have fun, and distract us from the routine.

7. TV

The same situation as with social networks. Do you think povtykat in pictures and listen to simple information, but just hammer your brain superfluous.

Is there a more cynical and evil way to kill time than to chain yourself to the TV screen?

You can literally spend hours looking in a plastic bag, thinking that I live a full life, while every other life significantly more fulfilling. Do you watch informative program and I am sure that learning something new, and you just show pictures. If you want to learn something or to learn, do it more actively. What is better: to read about Cicero or watch a 30-minute program? In small doses zombiyaschik useful (all right.) but to be a frequent guest of the «black box» is not necessary.

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