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Hello, dear editors! I have a question about your personal life. The fact that I don’t.

Its absence I do not particularly interfere, but sometimes I want family and serious relationship. I’m twenty-one and I one. I think I can now give you a bunch of reasons why this is so, but all of them, starting with the focus on studies (and I’m in the creative University: here or here, or you’re a nobody, trash rolls) and ending not so full independence (living with parents and financially have not stood up firmly), in essence, is excuses.

Noticed that I feel generally very difficult to fall in love. It would seem, so many beautiful girls around, and no one wants to reach. Friendship Yes, relationship no. If you fall in love and that after all happens, then after a couple dates you know that we are with that person anyway, especially not on the road. Different interests, different approaches, sometimes simply understand that will not quit.

In General, I’m a man of reason, not feelings. I’m hard to surprise and catch. While it is stolid, cold-blooded and indifferent I call difficult.

Understand that, in fact, one problem I did three, but they are very closely related. Tell me, what is possible in this situation to do. Thank you!


Hi! Your question gives me mixed feelings. By the way, I wonder, have you ever had a relationship? Serious, long and other? Okay, now I still do not know, so I will rely on what you already wrote.

The first thing I thought when I read your question – you have a girlfriend just because you’re not particularly attractive to the opposite sex. Don’t want to hurt your delicate sensibilities, but this is the place to be. It could explain your lack of a love relationship.

This will come back later. Let’s have a little about your University. Plight of the student is really similar to excuse. Because in any normal school it is necessary to plow and to do his best to obtain knowledge and not to fill up the next session.

If all the students said that school can’t deal with personal life, the country would be far less unwanted children, less early, hasty marriages that break up after a year or two, young people are not fucked, and days and nights were lost in the walls of the University.

Believe me, even in the main nerds in the group sooner or later there relationship. Here it is in the absence you desire. Well, you just can’t prove himself to lure the girl. Learning here is exactly innocent. Do you find the time to read our magazine.

The problem with the lack of independence is really shitty. But the fact that you live with your parents, can not affect your personal life. No one’s asking you to date on his father’s territory. So that’s all the excuses that have no relation to the lack of a friend.

Are you saying that there are a lot of beautiful girls, but no one you’re not attracted, you’re with them don’t want only friendship with them suits you. Well, you yourself more time to read what I wrote. See why I’m starting worry about you?

You don’t know how to properly formulate your thoughts, then you have some problems. The second option, I immediately want to reject, not to push you on the thirst of the experiment. Suddenly decide to check out and get into the network to upload is not typical for many same-sex porn.

If it’s lesbians, I’m all for it. You do realize that I’m kidding? Just wanted you to look at the problem from the other side. I wouldn’t say that your situation is currently critical, but should not delay treatment.

Intimate relationships can’t be the meaning of life, but that life had any meaning, there must be an intimate relationship.Try to go on another date with a girl. I’m not saying you were trying to love her or something like that. You just need to get laid (not corrupt). When you feel a naked female body, then everything will fall into place.

I try to overcome itself. You need to feel like a man, and in the vagina it better. You said that you are a man of reason, not feelings. But if you see a friend who is really sexy, tender, or beautiful, then I am more than confident that the ice will melt.

I said that you need to do. Empty eggs, not only with the help of our pornos. The process must engage a real girl, but how to make it so that you got stood up, I don’t know. This question on the part of friends.

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