No one can make you feel shitty except yourself

No one can make you feel shitty except yourself happens, but the important thing is how you react to it. To begin to put the General tone of the whole article: don’t let anyone ever say that you’re supposed to feel. We are all human, and nothing human is alien to us, therefore we make mistakes, we speak unnecessary words, on impulse, and often not able to control our emotions. We can try to understand the nature of these feelings, but only you have the right to dictate a vision for himself and his actions. There is a famous phrase, the authorship of which was not less famous women – Eleanor Roosevelt: «no One can make You feel inferior without Your consent.» She was fucking right.

This concept that we are masters of our deepest beliefs about ourselves, constantly exposed to attacks from the world around you. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends, bosses, social media sometimes make us think that the whole world is against us. And here we come to the main point: nobody can make you feel shitty except yourself. Minute, hour, day, year, life goes on. Remember you’re talking about these unpleasant events in five years? Or is it so important as now. In 99% of cases the answer will be negative.

This is not fatalistic thinking. This is the idea on how to learn to live in the present and to protect yourself and your peace of slander, insults or other unpleasant moments, knowing that tomorrow is a new day. Don’t let a similar to pull you down. Even if your life sucks, think of it as a challenge. And, like a man, accept the challenge and keep the strike. This is the correct model of behavior and tactics of response.

1. Decent resistance

The priority is to rid himself of the negativity. Thinking, painted in dark tones like cigarette smoke: it spread to people who are addicted to nicotine that harms not only the smoker, but also his entourage, but, nevertheless, in our hands – break this habit, tell her firmly and unequivocally «No!». It so happens that only by embarking on the path of resistance, we can achieve true joy. You will experience wild stress or to feel like the shittiest friend on the planet, and maybe a worker who refused a new project or a request to get rid of additional responsibility.

You have an intuitive feeling that is the feather, which is able to break the hump of the camel, and not be afraid when to say «No.» There is tomorrow, and we have a little time to make your choice. And learn to live with this choice a struggle. Against the idea that you’re not good enough that you eat enough fruit, and in General, you don’t have a juicer, you’re not fucking Superman and that you can not afford to put socks in the washer and not in all corners of the apartment. To hell with all these voices drown out your self-confidence! It’s unacceptable simply because almost nobody does. It’s selfish. The only thing necessary for the triumph of shit – inaction of good people. It can be a manifestation of politeness and tact where necessary to fight for what is yours, or just inability to help.

If you were subjected to constant hints about what you useless creature of the world around you, or worse – for its part, without at the same time, you are, in fact, agree with it, losing its credibility and relevance. You can’t let that happen. All we have after we delete from the list of your status, Storico, trendy outfit, the relationship is only our mind. And we can sleep peacefully, knowing that we all did well, focusing on your measurements, well, to toss and turn and tear my hair from the nose to numb the emotional pain of regret and blame. Changing mindsets is your first priority.

2. Controlled burning bridges

Communication in professional and social world is an integral part of life. But still no one will deprive you of the right and opportunity to say goodbye to those people, from which more harm than good. Based on objective reasons and self-awareness. Even if you and this person are friends from school, but after talking with him you want to swim in the «Domestos» – so stolen is my heart, don’t force yourself, based on the arguments of «who would say or think». Such a caustic, toxic relationships can burn the end of your psyche, communicating with such people, you’re forced to dance to their tune, dancing under a shitty tune. You are the last hope people come to their senses and all will be well.

Run from these, expunged them from your life! Don’t kid yourself, spend the time looking for those people that will charge you with energy, to inspire and to teach something new. Each of us is a huge cart and a small cart of problems and difficulties, but our ability to look ahead, to make a decision, keeps our mind is impenetrable, helping to maintain unshakable confidence in themselves. No matter where you work, what position you hold, where you live, people, usually the same everywhere. There are those who believe in you and truly rooting for your success, there are those who live according to the principle of «smear the bottom – to push the middle». Leave the latter to languish in solitude. And what we would like to say in conclusion? For us the best contact old Oscar: «we’re All in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.»

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