No money for normal living space? Buy toilet


Admit it, man, that housing prices we have unrealistic sky-high. Sometimes a sale can become almost Sisyphean task. But there should always be a solution to the problem! Buy the Studio? Nafig! Buy a toilet! After all, if you think about it, what else is needed for life?

In the South-East of London in the prestigious area recently put up for auction… the dressing-room. Vusmert dead, shattered — with a huge price of 15 thousand euros! They say that there is a wish to buy a toilet. A small kiosk-garage, the purpose of which is unknown, stands next to a communication tower and is divided into several sectors, where there are four bathrooms with a total price of 60 thousand euros. You can buy all or one.

What is the reason? Perhaps, the land of honey or the area is extremely beneficial. Well, the guys plan to raise in the area of money, handing over public toilets, or to build something prestigious. Don’t know, but too expensive.


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