No luck: the two-week relationship

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_xRA8FMr6d6zkDDon’t think that it «met, had sex, another sex, and two weeks later ran away. «Two-week relationship» does not necessarily last for two weeks: they can last a little more or a little less. Perhaps molodejny popular sitcom «How I met your mother» was invented for this phenomenon a special name, but we call it differently.

Such a relationship between a man and a woman start out as a normal relationship, which are usually «built». Do you think that is if not forever, then certainly for a long time. The scenario is not like the acquaintance for sex, you’re looking at it is that we are often looking for in women. First, you sure suit each other. You will become enveloped in a veil of sympathy, which can develop into something more. But nothing will come of it. Why? Because not destiny. Everyone had such relationships and probably will. And we’ll show you how to find out this was a very unfortunate relationship.

1. Meeting

Are you in search of women, probably, long. While you don’t have to think about the need for a serious relationship, but emotional warmth, care and kisses you have dreamed of. Or already thinking about a serious relationship and are in active search.

Do you usually meet people, that is all. It was for a friend’s birthday, or bar, or looked at the paintings in the exhibition, or walked down the street, eat in McDuck, in a word, in any places where the accumulated different number of people. And here you really managed to meet her, her having captivating his unearthly charm. The first thing you should be alerted — are you sure it’s still here. Of course, when we meet a new woman, often think so.

Do you think that meeting her fate. After Dating you long about something cooed, and then she gave you her number, and even wrote something nice myself a couple of hours. And you completely melted. Now starts the communication, in which both of you will convince yourself that you have incredibly much in common. Of course, you love dogs, coffee and music! There is no light at the other such a coincidence!

2. Planning Dating

Soon, you ask her out, since you are sure that your meeting is not accidental. She agrees immediately, even in an inconvenient time for yourself, and you’re ready to go to her district, where you will be problematic to get home. First, you desperately discuss where to go, and the topics which you speak. Communication takes place in non-stop mode, the impression that you two don’t go to the toilet, sleep and even food don’t take. Oh yeah, you told his close friends that go on a date with my soul mate! And you don’t ask yourself why you think that. And you can’t think that you are not familiar with, and your conversation reminded only the exchange of emotions, jokes, and not the bare facts about oneself and your interests. Here we have similarities in the emotional quality or its emulation. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee that soul mate.

3. Before Dating

No no no! Not get ahead of ourselves. Before you begin the date, is an interesting event. Some, by the way, this moment does not happen.

Before the holiday, a few hours before or a date in the morning, at 12 o’clock, on the following day. You continue to COO, but now you intuitively start to feel like your jokes, over which she laughs, silly, and her thoughts and phrases are not as original as you thought a few hours ago. Once again you come on her page in social networks to look at the face of the one who owns your mind for the past day. Suddenly you realize that it is not so beautiful as you thought before. And her figure is not as perfect as when you saw her the first and only time. And nose kind of weird. But you don’t give these characters any importance telling yourself that all have their drawbacks.

4. The big date

And then came the big day. You were worried, and before the date to think deeply about how to meet a girlfriend: hugging, kiss on the cheek or otherwise? While you think about it, you are meeting and greeting happens. You talk, eat, joke — in short, everything is fine. But then you realize that her crooked nose, very crooked, she said haltingly, laughs too loud, and her speech is replete with words-parasites. Turns out you two don’t look to one side, there are many differences, but not focusing on the little things. Two should complement each other, right?

And so you see that she has a good job, an interesting course of thinking, she’s not ugly, a little younger than you and generally funny. Or are you thinking? A few awkward pauses do you think a logical part of a first date. You break up in the firm belief that you will meet again.

5. The consequences

And again begins the conversation. The conversations, mostly about the weather and work, and another message or call from a girl will be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, and slight irritation. Here you realize that you have absolutely nothing to talk about, and if there are common themes, the conversation is not glued. And suddenly you illuminates that the date was a complete asshole. An awkward pause lasted for a very long time, and all the «common themes» were reduced to dubious dialogue:

— Have you seen this movie?

— Yeah, cool.

Okay, cool!

The situation becomes more complicated when you invite her on a second date, and she’s on my mind. Everything that seemed to you in her sweet, in fact, is a strange, awkward and irritable. All of her striking features flimsy you. If you decide to have sex, it automatically puts an end to the future.

The flow of messages in social networks, quickly dries up, the unpleasant aftertaste remains, but only for unrealized expectations. A waste of time.

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