No ladies: when not to have a relationship

manygoodtips.com_23.05.2014_umhPzHHGmmVUxWidespread in our society the view from his childhood convinces us that if love came, it is necessary to catch the tail and to keep. Classic love stories like «Romeo and Juliet» make us think (or rather, not the love story, and their interpretation) that there is always time for love or serious relationship. But the magazine questioned this sweet «truth», saying that in certain periods of life from any relationship you need to flee as from fire. At this time, it is necessary to collect will in a fist, allow liberties, but in any case not to rush headlong into the maelstrom of romantic snot. Otherwise you have all chances to miss something important and finish with the best results. Women often spoil us the entire layout!

1. Your first year at the University

You graduated from high school and, roughly speaking, one foot has entered adulthood. Wafted Dorm and lovely but a bit overpriced student life. Begins a new routine of getting higher education, which is decorated and easy independence. First years in University need to learn, but it is not so hard to forget about his personal life. And we’re not talking about romantic relationships! We talk about the need to find themselves in this world, try new Hobbies, sports. And try not to be expelled from the University for absenteeism or academic failure.

In other words, the first year of University validation is important to you and your personal qualities. You are looking for yourself, your Hobbies, form a circle of acquaintances, build relationships with the faculty and… learning. Yes, the latter is also important. No need to think that all of what you learned at the University, you will never need. All this is useful for the overall development and to handle it that way. Vismath the natural scientists and humanists need for the development of intelligence. History, rhetoric, philosophy and other Humanities techies have for literacy and the formation of world view. In addition, using these items you can join the club «What? Where? When?» at the University or get a real passion for life type fascination with the history of the world.

Obviously, the woman will have to spend almost all my free time will hinder you in learning, friendship and admiration. Often the first course out of love and sloppiness.

2. Your last year at University

It is not only a time when you should be focused on the diploma and teacher’s exam, this is the time when we need to say farewell to old comrades and try to keep friendly relations with them. All these dudes almost five years of eating together with you the granite of science, and all this will end soon! Some will remain in graduate school, while others go to work. And you don’t know what to do next.

You barely have time to sit with his friends at home over a beer. But still have to find time to cum! Resourceful people manage to forge all the latest courses in the same specialization work, so after graduation to go to a normal post with more or less good salary. And this too, should be the time! But imagine what your life will be a woman! Some girls can cope in difficult periods of life, but they still require time and attention, it is advisable to spend on something else. At least on the same stupid search itself, to make it clear what you want from life after University. Worst of all, when girls in the last year was able to become pregnant — then you have a chance to relax from work and from writing two diplomas. Horrible thing life!

3. Your first year on the job

And then it happened! A graduate find a suitable job specialty, or perspective, or with a good salary or team. You enter adulthood, and it’s time to learn how to live independently, destroying the remnants of immaturity.

The most important thing you receive in these years is money. They can be delayed on the journey, to spend on yourself, or you can invest in personal development or in your favourite interests. The appearance in your woman’s life will greatly reduce the amount of free money.

The first year on the job is the constant need to prove to the employer your skills and not show too much not to become the main scapegoat in the office, which makes for everyone every day dirty work. You need to concentrate on work and relationships then you will be able to build — the darkness of time.

Find out more about yourself, understand which direction you need to grow, meet new people and try to be more responsible. To be in a serious relationship is not what good it will fit into your life. You’re still young and should work to enjoy life and to engage in reflection. There are more important things than relationships and love. Especially when you’re not 25. Most couples build marriage in this age is fast eroding, because people are frankly not ready for such a life. They did not understand themselves, and simply took the most obvious route.

Learn to love and understand yourself before you let someone in your life. The relationship should be Mature, otherwise you’ll never realize their value and all the buzz from love. All the time! Enjoy your youth!

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