No distractions to get more done

how not to be distractedEvery time something I do not have time at work, I tell myself that tomorrow certainly will not be distracted and will do my best, but still time left. It is difficult, especially when working at a computer: there is always some kind of crap that will distract. To read the bourgeois website? Very interesting. Be enlightened on the subject of some new features and events in the world? A thousand times Yes! It seems to me, when I was working in another area and had no computer, and only a pile of papers, the day I had a thousand times more.

As a result of all the garbage that distracts us from the things we pay less attention to invest in it less effort and do it as if by inertia. The fact that we are focusing our attention on a bunch of various things that distract us from what is most important. Probably, you have often experienced something similar.

Op, povedala about the letter. Op! I’ll check on Facebook. Now SMS, I can not reply. Now Pappus, Yes. Oh, the phone rings. And someone came up to your Desk to chat.

Sometimes distracted even useful. For example, when waiting for an answer to an important letter, which depends, what are you going to do next. But if to look truth in the eye, all these little things distract us more often hinder than help. It is possible to fix and make right.

1. Agree on quiet hours

Not like in kindergarten, just so nobody rustled. For example, my quiet time is from the clock in and to twelve hours. At this time, no one needs to distract you from work. All allow each other to focus on their thoughts. You can think about something in advance, and can concentrate on the current task.

In any job you need time when there is no pull. All you need to think twice, to read, to perform and to connect diverse opinions pertaining to the case. Quiet hours – our answer, only it needs to be quiet for everyone.

If two hours, two hours is even better, but not everyone can sit, pressing his ass, within this amount of time. At least an hour and a half will save the situation. But in any case not less than an hour.

It must become a full part of the working routine. Not necessarily in the morning, and at lunch, and before the end of the day. Most importantly, I want you to know you will have your time when no one will disturb you.

2. Limit the amount of work, which is not encouraging

If you want to distract and divert attention, means that the activities in which you engaged in the moment, not inspire you. This usually happens with reports. Who ever likes to write reports? When I need to do something like that, I am happy for every bunch of Skype, texting and ran to him as to salvation. The social network also usually come as break.

It is clear: to completely abandon such work does not work, but you can reduce its quantity. The mantra on this occasion: «Not everyone deserves to work for it». Think about what kind of work you don’t like. It can be ignored? You can assign it to someone else? Otherwise, it is possible to organize the working process so that it didn’t annoy you? Your goal is to spend more time on work that you like and less that you would prefer to forget.

3. Enough rest

You ask: «What? How will that help me?»

Usually when you’re distracted from work, it carries no benefit: you do not rest, you devote a little time to be distracted just. Check email box just. To check Twitter just. View Instagram just. But to work hard.

When you’re tired, distracted, as if you are resting. You tell yourself that it doesn’t matter, but you may still have half an hour to remove spam from the box, because you don’t get a lot of power. Better sleep in the night, and then everything will go much better.

4. Start with a large

To be distracted by little things easily, in the details is easy to get lost and forget about the big. The best solution is to start with something big to finish, and then prodelyvat small business. Quickly.

It’s complicated. Before you stretches a lot of work – absolutely monstrous work that scares you the thought of it drains all your forces. What to do? Open Instagram and look at other people’s photos. To read the news.

We avoid the scary and hard work trying to delay it even for a moment. This is the problem: the longer we take the case, the worse its ubiquitous tentacles. At least in our view. So the task becomes virtually impossible.

Better do not toil foolishness and immediately start with a big business. You can divide it into stages? How to determine the success of the job? All write down and then start working with the easiest parts. The faster and easier to deal with her, the more of motivation to continue.

The end of useful respite?

We will still always be distracted – not less than today. Our goal is to distract effectively, so as not to throw. Imagine that you are always refreshed and working on a great inspiring project, dividing it into parts. As well much better.

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