Nissan develops self-cleaning car


Car wash — a dubious pleasure. Not cheap. It seems that with the new development from Nissan owners washes for cars can be left without customers.

Japanese giant Nissan has developed the world’s first «self-cleaning car». Dirt and other impurities from the surface of the car flow drops and does not remain therein. And the thing is a special paint that is applied to the car body.

Nissan engineers from the UK are now actively testing an innovative «nano-paint». Technology repels dirt, not allowing it to dry out and spoil the look of the machine.

For drivers who like to keep their car was totally clean, this is a real find. As for neat, constantly wipe their dirty vehicles with a sponge, and for those who shudders at the mere thought of a car wash.

At the moment, «nano-paint» is being tested in the UK on the new Nissan Note. The price for cover is still not installed, but it is expected that it will cost about $ 750 for a jar.

The paint is hydrophobic and oleophobic, meaning it repels not only water pollution, but oil.

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