Nincompoop: why are you with her too soft?

Dude, the friend zone is hell. It so happened that I once almost fell in the friend zone. I was 18 years old, I spun around really beautiful things, which I think was the name Olesya. We Olesya went on dates, but I started to realize that something is wrong. When a goddess by the fifth date suddenly asked me to buy her a hat, called the best guy ever wrote me a message that I was «her darling brother», I realized that something goes wrong. I quickly dumped from Olesya, I didn’t buy her a hat and received the honorary title of m*duck. Then from the series «Clinic» I learned what the friend zone. We had a lot of articles about the friend zone, but posts about how to destroy yourself in a «nice boy» was not so much. Today, we will help you not to be too soft with the girl because it could end badly.

1. You keep asking her too many absolutely useless boring stupid questions

Explain the first and subsequent visits it will resemble a very bad interview. To answer the questions in the questionnaires only like a little schoolgirl. If your date consists of constant questions like: «what’s your name?», «What’s your favorite color?», «What do you like to read this?» What kind of music do you listen to?», «Who are you?» this is a very very bad thing. It’s a shame, man! The girl bothers to answer your same questions somewhere on the third. She immediately understands that you don’t have the imagination to come up with something else to entertain her and swing. The real skill is to make the girl herself told me, and you entertained her with jokes, rhymes, stories, amused, and at the end of the date, knew about it quite a lot — and that question in its purest form during the meeting sounded very rare. If you will go on only one road, the name of which «friend zone», because for her you’re boring, passive and all. To avoid this, as often as possible take the initiative into their own hands. Ask her to go out, lead the conversation in the direction that you want, you can order a new meal itself, when you see that the dish girls are devastated, and feel free to talk more than she, but in the case!

2. You rarely say «no»

Not only girls but anyone. If you’ve always been the person that was convinced to stay after school to sweep the floor on a voluntary basis, and you remain humble, you’re the man who can’t say «no». To say «no» where it is needed — the best way to show that you got balls. To say «no» where it is not necessary, and not to say it — odnoh*estwenno.

3. You’re constantly apologizing

You know, dude, you need to apologize to. This requires the ability to admit mistakes and some courage, that in itself makes us human. You need to apologize to, but the only thing. Stop feeling guilty for what you pay too little attention to her, acting like a jerk, didn’t respond to her call or not asked her why she was so sad sitting in the corner. You’re embarrassing yourself, be a man!

To say «no» where it is needed — the best way to show that you got balls. To say «no» where it is not necessary, and not to say it — odnoh*estwenno.

4. You’re always available for her

Each of us has a case. Even if you need to level your character in World of Warcraft is still not cool, thing. But as soon as calling you a girl, brother, friend, sister, mother, aunt, uncle, distant relative, or anyone else, you run and you run to help these people to walk their dogs, mow their grass in the country, to solve a math test or hear about their problems. If you really love to help people, you honor and praise, but if you’re not able to say «no» when you’re really busy, it’s a problem. You have an exam tomorrow, you wanted to spend the evening in peace and quiet, you have work to do, and they call you somewhere that you did something and helped someone, though not impossible, say no. You don’t owe anyone anything, if it’s really dear to your heart, people, not another negative, they’ll understand that you’re busy. Usually react negatively to failures only those that you absolutely do not need. Here such trouble!

5. The girl should be comfortable with you

The girl should be comfortable with you, but not constantly, and not next. Sounds pretty troublesome, man, but it’s simple. Comfort leads to boredom. The girl should be constantly ready for something new. Today you are talking about different things, watch tomorrow movie, the day after playing games and on the weekend go camping. That is, you constantly have ideas, and your woman is not sitting in the kitchen watching the latest seasons of some of «Dexter.» The girl should not be able to read you like an open book, otherwise you become boring! The woman should not know when you will come to her for sex when you’re hungry and what are your plans for the weekend. You have to take the initiative in their hands, occasionally allowing the girl to Express themselves. Not oslabla grip and don’t let a girl completely take the initiative. Even if you are Dating or living together, the girl will no longer perceive you as a man if you allow her to control the process. Let her decide on the work that the family routine, but the initiative should lie or you or you in the same proportion.

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