Nightmares?? We know how to deal with it!

Dude, it so happens that you’re haunted by bad dreams where you chase the dude with a pitchfork, your chick tells you she’s pregnant family, and the government introduces a law banning all?

Australian doctors know how to deal with it!!!! Dr. Andrea Phelps Australian centre for posttraumatic mental health shared with the world a special technician for the treatment of nightmares.

Especially nightmares visit soldiers who have been in terrible trouble during the bloody and treacherous battles. They tried the technique of Australian doctors. Pleased with the result: a significant improvement was observed in 11 of the 12 patients. Seven of them are nightmares completely disappeared, and some they didn’t bother even a year after therapy.

What is therapy? During treatment, patients were asked to write the script of his nightmare to register possible limbs and beat them. This new script voiced and scrolls in the head again just before bedtime.

The result, as has been said, impressive. You can also try to control the dream while you dream and imagine a lot of money and a boat. Or to do things in the spirit of the movie «inception».


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