Nice things for your accommodation

There are many useful and practical things. There are many elegant and ugly (there are fans, believe me). But we are people, we are not enough, not enough for you, because life does not consist only of a practical approach. It would be awfully boring if everyone bought only the mundane things that are useful in agriculture.» Gray and dull. And dislikes mediocrity, give him the style and beauty! Just like able to turn your apartment into something unique, possessing its own character and unique atmosphere. It is extremely important that your house felt personality. And the latter is known to depend on seemingly minor details that make us who we are.We focus on what we ourselves liked. And different bonuses for the house will not be an exception.

1. Tea on the bones

The morning starts with Breakfast and the Breakfast starts with coffee or, if there are fans, strong tea. Now full of interesting tea sets, but we like the composite things, that is, when the pattern is set so that several parts can make a whole picture.

For example, take Cup Cups Bone. Each of them depicts only part of the skeleton, but if you put four cups (that is how much is included in the kit) to each other, we get a holistic picture of our inner world, and are anatomically adjusted to the delight of medical students.

2. Plates psychologist

Breakfast is not complete without food. And the food, as you know, just on the table not put. I need plates that are different from the dreary ugliness of what was happening in the dishes of our ancestors. Now designers, who are friends with the head, know how to make cool prints for dishes. But the process of eating was just food process. The plate is only held in what was supposed to hit you in the mouth. But that’s boring, I agree.

Need a more functional plates, and that these seem to be plates with spots of Rorschach. Yes, this is the psychological test where you have to answer the questions: «What do you see?» If the sick imagination of the patient drew the acts of violence and insanity, he always said, «I see the spot, dude!»

3. The adventure map

It is necessary to travel! Seriously, you should travel, otherwise why bother to appear in such an amazingly beautiful planet? We often write about it, what to hide, will continue to do so. But even if you’re an avid tourist, it is still going to go home and tell the kitchen their stories in the spirit of Adventure Time. And to back up their stories with facts, you need a map that glues directly to the refrigerator. Recommend Truemap Puzzle, and here’s why. First, it is not the whole map, but a set of magnets 68. Separately, there is all parts of the world and continents, which, however, are well drawn. Second, you can see the border and the American state, and the Russian region. Excellent detail.

Finally, in addition to geographical maps, which can be fastened as you like in the set of pleasant surprises like routing or transport pictograms. Such helps planning a trip. In addition, the set is a good reminder that the world consists not only of your kitchen.

4. Stand for smartphone or tablet

The endlessly useful thing for some reasons not all appreciated. But everyone faces a problem when it is not possible to choose any angle in order to check out new series «Fargo.» And this inconvenience threatens to turn into something more serious, like hate and anger to the producers of tablets. So, we’ve seen a lot of boring coasters under all this, but up to this point we have never come across something so functional and simple, like stand «Twins». It may, Einstein came up with in the world stands for all the pieces. It’s very simple: two sticks with the strict Beech wood and magnets that hold them together. Impressive and simple thing.

5. Board game

And you call yourself the owner of the den? You even pass some time there, dude! And it’s bad! What primarily makes the host of the party? Of course, good drinks and entertainment. And if the first is always fine, the second is tight. After all, the problem is solved is an interesting Board game that could be played by everyone. Therefore look to the appropriate party game BadBalance.

You have a playing field, which represents the hemisphere. This is the base on which to put a variety of geometric shapes, which are as much as 11 species. Of course, your opponent is fouling you, and you’re going to answer him. Survives only one who is all right with logic and luck. The winner is the owner of the biggest «leaning tower,» or one who actually figures remained at the base. Moderately fast and a gamble for a small company.

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