New Year? prepared a list of gifts for your friends

manygoodtips.com_17.12.2014_2529oxSg7Vup1New year comes nearer, and the money counts less. You seem to have already picked up gifts for almost everyone, but still don’t know what to give to your dear friend. In fact, it is easier to leave on the eve of the feast, than to try to get into her brain and know what she wants.

Unfortunately, there are still girls who know what they want, but take out your brain and not saying what you should buy. Another thing, when a friend does not know what it is not enough for happiness. In this case, you have to make the most of their eggs.

We don’t know your friend, not sure that you need it. We will try to get inside her head and get out some valuable tips. So, today we’ll go and find out what you need to give your friend for the New Year.


Simple – it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to give a gift to your friend. Admit it, sometimes you don’t mind getting on February 23, razor and shaving gel. Such trivial things just is not in your Arsenal, and spend money they don’t really want, because you have a few months saving up for a new console. That friend happens to this story.

1. Perfume


So-so. There is even a possibility that during your long relationship friend gradually began to use perfumes only on holidays. So why not remind your girlfriend that you love when it smells good? If you decide to give perfume, don’t show initiative and imagination put together with the advice of charming, far away. Better ask her which flavor she like the most or look to her dressing table: there just got a couple bottles, it is better to take a picture, and not rely on your memory.

2. Tree

It was a

This is not a gift, it is your direct responsibility. The man brings the tree into the house. Do not be stingy and buy the most lush and beautiful of the fir to a friend faster went to shop for Christmas decorations and other decorations. She will be happy like a child, yet will create a Christmas mood in your house.

3. Electronics


Maybe she wanted some kind of newfangled e-reader or tablet. By the way, you can buy various accessories for it equipment that it needs. With age, you realize that it is better to give useful things than just the fun stuff.

4. Jewelry


The most banal, but for many girls is essential. We certainly hope that your girlfriend is getting along without a new pair of earrings, bracelets and rings, but not everyone is so lucky. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with love for precious metals and stones.

5. Card


For starters, credit, and gift. Buy a gift card to her favorite clothing store, makeup or some interesting online store. But remember that such gifts need to include another gift. Gift card can also be pleasant and useful addition to any gift.

Not only banal

1. Fruit


Rich and varied tropical fruit basket is a great gift for girls, especially if it is her favorite champagne. But perhaps this gift also requires a Supplement.

2. Creativity


I guess she likes to do. Incomprehensible crap draws or sews ugly sock puppets. So. Give her something related to her hobby. For example, one guy in our newsroom makes his girlfriend the easel. There are pictures with numbers that are very easy to draw, but get fit beautiful paintings, maybe your girlfriend like this.

3. Stay


Take a cottage in the mountains for a few days and go there with his girlfriend. Will be a little expensive, but the memories are worth the money, and do not forget to bring your camera… and a friend.

4. Vacation 2.0


Maybe to get rid of these traditions, when a woman in the course of two days does not depart from the plate, and then during the song «Five minutes» is trying to instantly freshen up? Give her a real vacation, she will devote the last hours of the year myself and my appearance. Order food in a restaurant, and constant Olivier you can chop yourself.

5. Animals


Maybe she wanted a hamster, cat or anyone else. You can give her a living gift, it will surely be incredibly grateful and transport with the pet until the morning.

6. Alcohol

You can buy a set for the bartender you will prepare a delicious and strong drinks – would make a great drinking new year’s eve.

You can go through a bunch of options, but not all of them will get to the point, because I want to believe that not all women in our world made a blueprint, and that means we all have different tastes, desires and needs. Therefore adapts to your friend. And don’t forget to review all of the online shops before buy a particular product. Surely you will be able to get the best deal.

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