New world’s tallest building


People love to measure their… advantages. «What’s the difference, how tall is the building?» you can ask. — Is it not important how it looks inside and how convenient it is to live in it?» Some comrades think otherwise. Apparently, a kilometer long structure do something better.

Saudi Arabia is trying to surpass all other countries to build the most beautiful and the skyscraper. Tower to be built, called the Kingdom Tower. The tallest tower in the shape of a stalagmite Burj Khalifa, which is located in UAE. Its height is 828 meters. Of course, its worth a look.

New tallest building in the world would have a height of about one kilometer. The projected cost of the Kingdom Tower — a whopping $1.23 billion According to media reports Saudi Arabia, the total area of all 167 floors of the tower will be 5.3 million square meters. Its construction will require 80,000 tons of steel and thousands of qualified professionals. In any case, the tower will be higher than the Burj Khalifa by nearly 180 meters.

The building of the Kingdom Tower will stand in the city of Jeddah on the red sea coast. On top of everything else, a few metres above the main structure will be raised high terrace with really impressive views. It seems to us that at this altitude it will be cold and hard to breathe, so the sun is unlikely to succeed.

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