New universal projector from Epson

Poradi.s. ua_14.07.2015_waRJuJpigTr53Not so long ago we wrote about how you can organize your own screening. Now we have decided that the information would be incomplete if not to tell you about one of the projectors, which recently entered our market.

So, the projector you need in order to get more pleasure from movies than before. You don’t want to go to the cinema, I don’t want to watch a movie on a small monitor, you want to create an atmosphere of comfort and a real cinema experience – then this projector is designed for you.

Epson EB-X24 can boast a budget price. Manufacturer’s recommended price is 47 700 rubles, not cheap. On the other hand, the pleasure from it is many times more than the budget options. Also with it you will have a lot less problems associated with technical characteristics. Anyways, let’s talk about its pros in more detail.

The hallmark of all the new Epson projectors have a great brightness, which undoubtedly means a lot. Color and light brightness are different parameters that equally well embodied in the EB-X24. This will allow you to see a beautiful picture even in daylight. Of course, we recommend you to watch movies in complete darkness, but circumstances can change your plans on this.

Very often you set up the projector for hours, it’s tiring and time consuming. Until, of course, there is no such projector, which is simple in its essence. You still have to read the manual, if you have not previously interacted with him. However, Epson makes things much easier. For example, the angle of the projector so much less managed to achieve thanks to the horizontal slider and automatic vertical keystone correction (language broken, if you start to say it out loud); the main thing that helped.

Well, of course, convenience is complemented by the fact that the projector you can connect a Wi-Fi, which means you can forget about cables and other things sometimes interfere with the necessary installation equipment.

Also, in step with the times, the company has focused on the efficiency of your product. Efficiency will soon become almost the defining factor, which, hopefully, will not lead to loss of product quality. In the model installed the original lamp Epson E-TORL, which, according to the manufacturer, consumes less energy, but it has a very high service life 6000 hours in eco-mode. Also has a slide cover that allows you to pause the viewing, while reducing about 20% of energy consumption. Sleep mode does reduce power consumption by up to 70%, which is very handy when you’re dumped, not having watched the film.


Technology: LCD: 3 x 0.63″ P-Si TFT

HDMI interface

Resolution: XGA (1024×768)

Brightness: 3500 ANSI lm

Contrast ratio: 10000:1

Zoom 1.2 x (optical)

Image transmission over wireless network Wi-fi (optional)

Automatic vertical keystone correction

Manually corrects horizontal keystone distortion

The ability to view images and videos directly from USB

USB Display 3-in-1 – transfer of image, sound and control signals over USB cable

Direct connection to a document camera Epson ELPDC06

Built-in speaker 2 W

Front heat output

Instant off

Weight: 2.4 kg

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