New technologies you’ll see by 2020


When we look at today and trying to predict what is going to happen next year, it is not possible — to say nothing of the decades. Hard to be optimistic. Of course, no stability in society, political issues, environmental disasters — breathtaking. And all that has to be. But it will be good than humanity can be proud of. Moreover, to provide for technical progress is more often easier than to foretell what will turn another round of political svistoplyaska. What awaits us in the next few years? What surprised us technology? This is our post today.


SD card 1 terabyte. Perhaps this will seem completely useless subject — well what for such a big card? What can I say, many even still there terabyte hard drive, and SD card is simply inserted into the camera. But we with full responsibility I promise this card until 2014, citing the fact that every day we exchange a lot of information (thank you technology!). Of course, cloud storage still has not been canceled, but we still will be inevitable and material media: you never know what happens in my life.

The first round-the-world flight on solar batteries. Just think, thousands of years mankind has spent trying to figure out how to get in the air — and now we can fly on solar power!

The coolest polar icebreaker — making it work in Europe and it plans to launch in 2014. The average annual temperature on the planet continues to rise, and studies of the Earth’s poles will help to monitor global climate changes. There is no icebreakers couldn’t cope.

Scanning DNA for $100 promises us a company called BioNanomatrix. Its founder Han Cao has invented nanofluidic chips, by which this whole thing became possible. If you can cheaply explore sequence your individual genome, a doctor will be able to predict probable for you to illness and start treatment much earlier than when you specifically sick. In General, the coming revolution in medicine!


Completed construction of the world’s first permanent city with zero carbon emissions. It will be called Masdar and will be located near Abu Dhabi. It will provide electricity to solar panels and other systems running on renewable natural resources, with an estimated population of 50,000 people.

Home 3D printing. Have not heard about it only in the deepest boonies. The good news: printing in three dimensions will become commonplace and will be included in everyday practice in the home and schools by 2015. While ordinary guys can only dream about it, or to stir up some semi-di-ay-Vay 3D printers, but it is only from time to time.


Space tourism becomes mainstream. Well, or something. Today to fly in space dude who is not an astronaut, will cost $ 20-30 million is if the ISS, and if the orbit is 200 thousand dollars. But the market is growing faster than you can imagine. Soon the price will be significantly reduced, and one-day flight will cost 10 pieces green, and a five-day stay in the millions of dollars.

The market will be sunscreen pill — they will protect skin and eyes from UV rays. Scientists are exploring the mechanisms by which coral reefs are protected from the sun, and based on them I want to make one pill.

The revival of the woolly mammoth. And not only him, but also other types of extinct animals. At least this is the goal of the Japan center for developmental biology. And it would be interesting to see!


Portable laser pen that can heal wounds. Count: you went Hiking in the woods, injured and ended himself with blood, and it is not ended, and has brought an infection in the wound. It today. Future you with this miracle thing can quickly patch yourself and go quietly on his way.


Light Peak is a new technology SuperSpeed data transfer. It will allow you to transfer more than 100 GB of information per second, and the whole terabyte. And not somewhere in the Institute, and in everyday life. You will be able to copy the Winchester seconds — but until and screws as you have to increase, don’t you think?

Robot spies the size of a bug. How to deal with them? Some special antiphony spray? Anyway, interesting, but developing paranoia.


The average PC power match for the human brain. Well, they say it is inevitable. We (meaning people) never rest on our laurels, we need more. Here scientists work.

Web 3.0. What is this beast? Already came? It is always difficult to determine their place in the historical process — including in the history of technological progress. Let’s say, Web 1.0 was based on hyperlinks, Web 2.0 — social link exchange, Web 3.0 will use social information, the managed improved extended algorithm (it is also called the «semantic web»). It’s like we’re on the verge, but the revolution did not happen. When it happens, we don’t immediately understand, reflect on this after the fact.

Energy fusion reactorthat has always seemed out of reach. In fact, it is the process of getting infinite energy from a tiny amount of resources, which requires the machine in which it will be possible to conduct the reaction at a temperature of more than 125 million degrees. That is power! However, currently in the South of France constructed a fusion reactor that will be able to connect in 2019. According to preliminary assessments, full-scale fusion power will develop only by 2030.


Beat the machine. Volvo promises that it will be possible to use a radar system alerts the driver. Well, cool, if people will cease to break into cars!

As you can see, scientists don’t promise us any flying avtomobley, no human cloning, no HIV medicines or freezing organisms with the prospect of defrosting in a couple of centuries — no fiction, so mundane that these predictions hard to believe. And this is nice: here is a story about time travel, we still would not believe, and here an entirely pleasant prospect.

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