New technologies that get to the masses

You constantly hear about new discoveries and inventions. Constantly we are told that he had invented some new-fangled gadget. Well, we do what with it? Still it will not reach the hands of the ordinary consumer. You thought so too? It means we’re wrong. Here are a few of the gadgets and technologies that will be everywhere.

1. Smart glasses


Have you heard about Google Glass? Yes, they are incredibly cool and are actively used by journalists to expose what you cannot see and hear the ordinary consumer information. These glasses seem to be some unattainable goal. You’re so vain, because Google is going to launch smart glasses to the masses. Of course, they will be somewhat simplified and their price will be lower, but they will be available to the public.

2. Reasonable


More and more things are becoming automated these days, but there are things that we still need to do manually. For example, add data in the contact list, phone or e-mail. Now it’s not required. With RelateIQ, you don’t need to waste time even on little things. The program will do everything for you.

3. New lenses


We’ve written about these eye gadgets previously. With smart Google lenses you will be able to monitor their health through smartphone or laptop.

4. Smart home

Yes, it is. If you have a smart home, then you’ll never worry about what you have not turned off the iron, but there is a danger that such housing will roast you alive in the oven during the uprising of the machines. You can change channels on your TV, turn on the washing machine or the oven, without leaving the couch. Smart house does everything for you.

5. Game helmet


Virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift with a wide field of view and low latency. If your friend zadrochil in the Sims, she knows that the heroes of this game was the helmet. With this thing you’re going to feel directly the hero of the game.

6. The image without the screen


Screenless — this thing possible transfer of visual information from a video source without using the usual screen. The hologram will no longer be something fantastic.

7. The interface of synthetic telepathy


In fact, this technology is already used by paralyzed people. But then again, her promise to run massively. This means that you no longer need the keyboard and mouse, you’ll control the computer with your mind.

8. Wireless charging


In the specific case we’re talking about charging, as a rule, the newest models of gadgets. But nobody cancelled charging the car by solar energy absorption. Charge your phone wirelessly is only the tip of the iceberg.

9. Graphene


It was first able to get only in 2004, since then, scientists are looking for a method of its mass production. It is 100 times stronger than steel, we could use it as a water filter and to clean up the ocean from toxic waste. It can be used in smartphones, making them virtually indestructible.

You may not have noticed, but we have made real progress in the development of new technologies, which is a bit scary. But we are confident that this is only the beginning. Made a small step in the direction of development, more and more.

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