New rules for women

new rules for women

Time changes and we change along with it. When women did not wear trousers, and now friends in skirts is much less than in the manifold pants. I would not say that it is bad, just different time and different standards. Moreover, not only clothes, but also for behavior. Women are always giving us something require, and I think we can afford it. We know we are reading a friend, which means that they must adhere to the new rules for girlfriends.

1. We can’t completely get rid of prejudice is not required

We can try, did you not touch on this basis, we can attempt to portray equality, but we have members, and they control us more often than we would like. Seriously, you can even ask. And we’re honest about it. We don’t always like things that makes us to fulfill our member. But to demand from us complete domination over instincts, complete control over how our brain communicates with our member — this is too much. We do not tell you when you ought to begin the critical days (for example, not to do that weekend because we had plans to have fun). It’s pointless. Here you have to understand.

There are terrible dudes who really think that woman must be literally chained to the stove because if she was excommunicated, her chicken brain will forget to remove the cake from the oven, and then it will burn. These men after 65 years. Most of us, even if you hate pies burnt, believes that all people have equal rights. But when I apologize for aging men, remember that they are still our parents. And they gave us some of their outdated views. We are trying to overcome, but not immediately.

2. If you want to pay for yourself, speak it from the beginning

When after lunch the woman offers to split the bill in half, it’s just a gesture of courtesy. You know it. I know that. And still we continue to play this funny performance of «Let me pay» — «No, I» — «God, this is embarrassing». I will never accept your desire to pay seriously if you don’t Express it seriously. And at the end of the date usually no girl is going to pay, but only pretends to. If you really want to pay for herself, tell about it from the beginning. Before you order at least a Cup of coffee. Now the desire voiced, and when you get the bill, no embarrassment will not. A man without unnecessary disputes give you to pay sykousis with this idea.

3. We try to be patient

I know you’ll MOP the floor cleaner to me because you’re better, you have more skill, you do it more often. But I my. I my somehow, and I try. The same applies to the pan. And before cooking any food. For me is a real event, and I want recognition. Don’t tell me I have not picked up any hair or overcook. In the end, a single hair doesn’t make the floor dirty and periarrest not prevent (I’m not charred!). Praise me. And then give advice, and next time I will go to him and will do better to cheer you up and feel like a wizard. If I’m wrong, the emphasis, don’t look at me like I’m an idiot. I try to remember everything you tell me. No pressure, please. Remember, as said Carlson: «On the neck do not push». Not necessary, and I completely stop trying.

4. Exercise

I’m serious. I have great respect for strong-willed women. I know what it takes to get up and run for an hour before. And Yes, I like a good figure. All dudes like a good figure, do not believe? Then you’re weird. Always dissatisfied with himself, voicing it out loud and continues to do nothing woman is not like anyone. It is clear that you are waiting for assurances that you and it’s all right. It may be true that. But even if you’re slim, you still do sports. I don’t want to play this stupid game, «you’re beautiful». I want a confident and fit woman.

5. You can not be feminine woman, but at least understand why we like it

It’s the old Oedipus complex. I like something a bit gruesome and hard to explain, but men are attracted to motherly qualities: softness, warmth and tenderness that we are not able to show because we are still men. So when I say that I love it when you cook me Breakfast, I actually mean: «I miss the warm embrace of my mother, and I would again be a six-year-old, but I know that I will never be able to re-experience that sense of security and happiness. So I’m asking you to play it the only way.» This does not mean that you have all day to cook. I just like to feel back in the warm September morning when I was six, and mother fried me pancakes. I am also a sentimental woman, and too vulnerable.

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