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manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_aaJrstmHWNaUFIt’s autumn here and woke up from years of hibernation, the organizers of the concerts. The musicians finished the build albums, released singles and with a sinking heart, waiting for public reaction to new albums.

This autumn was very fruitful, many musicians decided to make albums, but I do not remember all, we took the most relevant. Oh, and to avoid unnecessary crowing: Massive Attack (September 30), koyaN (21 October) and «spleen» (October 7) also release albums this fall.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Album: Skeleton Tree

Date:9 Sep

And tomorrow will be released new album of nick cave and his loyal gang, sixteenth, among other things. He was released on his own label Bad Seed Ltd. Talking something about the cave again, we will not, for this is such items. Let’s talk about the record.


Since the release of the recent work it has been 13 years. During this time, the cave took part in a movie about myself «20 000 days on earth.» On the good news ends and begins entirely bad.

Once again the cave was inspired to record the death of a loved one, and this time his 15-year-old son who fell off a cliff, perhaps that is why he has such a ominous name.

But whatever the circumstances were, and PR the most expensive. Presentation of the album will be in 2D and 3D screenings, which took place today simultaneously in 650 cinemas around the world. In fact, nothing new: stories of the cave, interviews with the musicians, footage of the work. And the album is the same as always — dark and bleak. However, the reason for this is more than respectful.

The Gaslamp Killer

Album: Instrumentalepathy

Date: 16 Sep

One of the gurus of Undeground hip-hop William Benjamin Bensussen, is known worldwide by the nickname The Gaslamp Killer releases a mixture of something solemn, like the soundtracks to westerns, hip-hop and matyora of electronic. Judging by the single, we’re in for something very good, in any case, this charismatic American bad does not.


manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_SsDdgzzCVa17uAlbum: Fixion

Date: 16 Sep

In fact, this Danish Abracadabra — the name of the musician. Full name is Anders Trentemoller, and his electronic experiments are familiar to all lovers of electro, techno, progressive house and minimal techno.

His music sounds like the brainchild of Scandinavian electronics, and there is no drop of bad. His albums became «album of the year», will be released in Fixion to repeat the feat of ancestors — let’s wait and see. Anyway, the single is encouraging.

Die Antwoord


Album:Mount Ninji and Da Kid Nice Time

Date: 16 Sep

South African tresh-shapito behalf of the cynicism, irony and raves returns to the stage after a two-year besarbovo break. But this time Yolandi and Ninja promises a «dark and miserable» songs that are epic, sometimes sensual, sometimes sweet and romantic, and just as bold and full of mysticism and victories. In one word, describe all of their common labor. We also need — more antics and provocations. For the rest a Little Big.

Jenny Hval

Album: Blood Bitch

Date: 30 Sep

Don’t try to call Menu Val wrong, she has a new album called «Bloody bitch» and the single vampire. However, the best Norwegian singer Morten after Harkett with A-ha (he sang of men, women and for the whole of Norway) has the right to sing about anything, just to hear her tender as a maiden’s cheek in the morning voice, and under these lengthy Shinto. A magical sight.

Regina Spektor


Album: Remember Us To Life

Date: 30 Sep

A woman from America domestic origin and characteristic of the nationality broke into our lives with the film «500 days of summer» where Joseph Gordon-Levitt was sad with her and all the cast guys to the song «Hero». Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the lady with a catchy name, a strong voice, excellent piano accompaniment and manner of execution, causes the soul only good command of an Arsenal of great songs, expertly wedged Pasternak’s «February! Get ink and cry…» between the English language and howls.

Remember Us To Life, becoming the seventh album in the discography of the singer and the pianist. Well what can I say, I must go and see Regina. Since her last album, which came out already in 2012, it was time to wean.


manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_Ber4lnWJTnxKPAlbum: Head Carrier

Date:30 Sep

The most underrated band in the world reunited in 2014, as it turned out, started the reunion, not for money and PR, but for a full-fledged return to the stage. Apparently now they release an album that finally forced critics to redeem them in that portion of praise that they received less in the 90s. But maybe not, because it is the Pixies. With adoraci in their address it is possible to make separate article, but they became iconic only after «Fight club». What injustice!

Within the group of major changes. Is Kim deal, seemed eternal bass and cofounder of now playing the girl, whose name won’t tell anyone.

The rest is all the same cheerful child punk that we love so much, but who has not made the proper impression on the youth, as it was in the previous album.


Album:life’s What You Make It

Release: 7 October

Apparently Placebo simply wanted to Express themselves, otherwise difficult to explain why they decided to release a mini-album of 6 songs. Moreover, one of them is a cover of a song Talk Talk — life’s What You Make It.

Apparently, in order to compensate for the small size, Molko and company decided to release a collection of the best songs of the band.


Album: 57th & 9th

Date: 11 Nov

That’s what everyone should listen to this fall in the first place. Ageless sting, who recently released the album, which wants with the music he loves, decided to make a new work. Last — «The last ship», with its hints of folk melodies was a miracle as well. Expect from the new album of the same, because judging by the appearances on American television, sting also looks at their 45 to 64, and full of creative ideas. If it is not clear why sting is so great — read it here.


New album sting is named after the street in new York, for whom he daily went to the recording Studio. Therefore, the name of the hard numbers. According to the musician, all the songs were created there, pre-prepared material. With every album Mr. Sumner, I want to remember the era of The Police more and more, talking about songs, more typical of the legendary trio. However, no one is against melodramatic thrillers from them and love it.

The new album, incidentally, is dedicated to the memory of David Bowie and Prince. 50 000 song sting wrote in the week, when the Prince died.

On the new drive I will not play the lute. This is the rocker my drive for many years. It all depends on energy. I just decided to raise the match and move forward.


manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_jKVIyOyQYEjWVAlbum: Hardwired… To Self-Destruct (Yes really!?)

Date: 18 Nov

But the album, will listen to all, even those who are not fan of thrash metal, and those for whom «Broom» finished at «Master of purppets». Long Idolers and gene Hatfield tortured us messages about the album. In the end, we all thought that once again, the kids had been deceived and began to go about their business like creating a line of sneakers and film. But no, they released the single «Hardwired», which pleased the hearts of fans. Such hopes «Broom» did not inspire, since the single prior to the album Reload. The fact that the song blows 84th year. A lot of aggression, a little guitar and lots of percussion. Fans of the «Black album» did not like, and fans of thrash and metallogenetic it is already warms the soul.

This is the first Metallica album since the release of Death Magnetic in 2008, except for the joint test drive with Lou reed «Lulu», which was a pretty good song «Cheat on me», but in other taskbar.

The album is 12 songs that Idollars described as: «It’s metal, heavy metal.» As will be actually, will show Nov.

Most of the songs are easier than «Death Magnetic». In the songs, feel the mood, no modern reefs, it’s much easier and more straightforward. Less any sbivka and stops. The new LP is more solid than the previous one.

– Lars Ulrich

Leonard Cohen

Album: You Want It Darker

Date : the exact date of release yet

Leonard Cohen is not a man but a man. This is the same Cohen, who at one time sitting in his underwear on the floor of the hotel «Royalton», wrote in a moment of despair anthem of faith and hope of all mankind, the legendary «Hallelujah». The same Cohen, whose low, soaked in bitter tobacco tincture and abundantly watered with longing and loneliness, the voice causing tremors and excitement in women. He was already 81, he achieved everything what he could, and, in principle, can do what he wants. He already proved everything to everyone and the new album could only record the sound of farts and screams in the style of Karina Trimarchi — because no one has the right to be disappointed in him. But the restless old man continues to create before true to yourself is the same power of the noble music that is to do something only for men, for example, to clean the shoes. On the logical question: «Why bother to record albums in this status, and at that age?» is the obvious answer: «Is the wind can blow?».

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