New monitor from Samsung – sustainability and modernity got a new monitor from Samsung, dubbed S27E391H (they have good marketers). So, we stumbled on it when plied various trading platforms, and we liked him. Now let us tell you why.

When you take a monitor, you rarely think about its appearance, and it’s not quite right. Although we are all guilty of this. Usually it is enough for us specifications and size. With this monitor, this will not take place, it design we fell in love. It looks really nice, especially if you have a bright and empty room in the style of hi-tech. Samsung has updated the design of the framework, highlighting its translucent tint blue Touch of Color». There was a movie with Tom cruise, science fiction «Oblivion», 2013 – see this and recalled at the display.

The frame, incidentally, is quite thin. Finally made a stand under the monitor, well this monitor is not for you and an eyesore. Usually stand out some absurd, if the designer did not spend effort on the development of its appearance, but here, everything is okay and everything looks holistically, harmoniously, cool.

Price category above an average, it is not surprising that the quality will not give you reason to regret the money spent. Pretty wide viewing angles, too, are in bold plus of this monitor, they respond 178°/178° horizontally and vertically. What does this mean in practice? And the fact that when you’re with a bunch of his friends to spend time watching a movie, everyone will get his well-deserved piece of fun. Low angle view of will turn to hell screening for a large company. The solution, of course, Full HD: 1920 x 1090. Of course, there are better, but better is almost always more expensive.

Young very few who cares about their eyes, in the end everything then go making ridiculous points nerds on the face. And we won’t argue that there are technologies that allow you to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the monitor’s glow. The surest way is not to sit at the computer day and night. But for many it is a luxury, especially for those engaged in office work, so the Samsung monitor provides you two functions, which should reduce the strain on your eyesight. The first of these features is the Eye Saver Mode: reduces the intensity of the blue glow, which is the main reason for the negative impact of the monitor on vision. The second function is the Flicker Free technology is designed to make you forget what the flicker of the monitor as well as limit the excessive power consumption of this device. We hope that these features will really work.

Oh, and one more feature of the presented product. Now everything is placed on the protection of the environment. And there are even people who are urged not to flush the toilet to save water for the dolphins. Don’t know about you, but we think this is not normal. The company is not averse to also raise your sales. Thus, organic production is much more expensive than normal, but it increases sales, because it is «environmentally». And Samsung when creating this monitor did not use PVC (i.e. polyvinyl chloride, vinyl). Also, the monitor can be considered as energy saving thanks to Eco Saving Plus.

The little things you can call are two other advantages Samsung S27E391H, namely, fast response time, which adds to the smoothness of the image in the dynamic scenes of films and the Magic Upscale feature, which creates magic, automatically smooths the texture image of a small resolution to create higher-quality images, photos.

In General, if you do not mind about 15-18 thousand rubles for such a thing, feel free to take it. Disappointed will not stay.


Display diagonal: 27″

Brightness (typical value) 1: 300 CD/m2

Dynamic contrast ratio: Mega DCR

Viewing angles (horizontal, vertical): 178°/178°

The screen aspect ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 1920 x 1090

Supported colors: 16.7 M

Panel type: PLS

Response time: 4 (GTS) ms

Weight: 5,14 kg

Cables: HDMI

Dimensions with stand: 452,9 626,0 x x 181,9 mm

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