New heroine of erotic fantasies

The most common male fantasies are maids, nurses, Gemini and others. But these girls make us feel sympathy on an entirely different level. It is not erotic, but some polueroti4eskaya: on the one hand we want them, but on the other hand, we feel for him some other mixed feelings that are difficult to describe. What kind of girls? All in good time.

1. Barista

Recently, we came fashionable Western tradition to start your day with a Cup of coffee that is purchased in the institution and dragged it with me to work, followed by drinking on the road. As a rule, the position of those who prepare us coffee in the morning, deftly working with big, scary coffee machine, take a thin cute smiling girls. Sometimes, of course, there are the grim grim smiling boys or girls that make Monday morning even more vile. But if you met a smiling nyasha who makes you coffee, takes a cookie and something to COO in the process. The morning is getting nicer, the sun peeks out and life becomes a little better.

And it is always nice that they remember you.

2. The girl in the car or public transport

You see her quite a bit of time: several stops or seconds. She’s funny and cleans hair, cool looks, reads and sweet. The brevity of this appearance gives this girl more desire. Of course, it so happens that a girl who you so intrigued, you have time to meet, but most often she goes to the next stop or the car with her breaks and rides in an unknown direction. You sigh, remember about it a day or two, and then forever forget.

3. Girl and a strange pet

The girl who keeps a strange pet, clearly stands out. In any case, you always have the question arises: why she had made this strange beast and so held for him? Probably, it’s unusual. Girls who keep bearded lizards, cockroaches and huge snails, owls, ravens, millipedes, ferrets, bats, chameleons and other animals endemic, most of the girls to keep would not dare will definitely attract attention. Often they are really unusual. Many of them are strange in a bad way. It can have a lot of tattoos on his body, a bunch of puncture and to be not idle in at least this sense. Or maybe just a sweet animal lover who knows exactly what to feed and leave the chick owl-Scops owl with a broken from falling by the foot and what to do with him then. In this sense, they are intriguing.

But it also happens that the Mercantile person who dream to marry someone unusual, attract attention by unusual behavior and animals that secretly hate. Many females (and otherwise they will not name) could tell we being the unusual girls. Be afraid! It can be real! If the girl is not insane and not faking it, she can be a great lover of animals, is empathy. And it is rare people.

4. Red

Look how has bred a lot of red lately. Them very specific attitude: some say that they are passionate and stunning, while others are sure that are entirely red witch and a slut. I personally think that’s complete nonsense, despite the fact that I was diligently urged that «when the roof is rusty, the basement is always wet». To dye your hair red now can each that they do. True red may not always be attractive due to the white skin, lots of freckles and red eyelashes. But due to the bright appearance they still attract our attention. Although they have no soul!

5. A woman with power

Remember all the fuss with the Prosecutor of the Crimea. The Prosecutor has a pleasant appearance, reminds us of the typical anime heroines habits, but it has qualities that make it more interesting, for example, the office of… of the Prosecutor, which is just not achieved. The Prosecutor is always the power, and then this. But the girls with the authorities, which in this case are quite lovely, like all twice. Just a little to be familiar with anime and cartoon pop culture.

Of course, nobody cares that a lot of women who work in the organs, not nice. They… kind of did. Probably to blame deformation of character under the influence of the profession. No one comes to mind melt with forty aunts in the form of stars, specific old-fashioned haircuts and hard eyes. I know what I’m saying, my friend mom is a Colonel, so he was already thirty, and we’re both afraid of her.

6. Female runners and those who are enthusiastically involved in sports

We have quite a lot written about girls who play sports. Lie. One article. Actually, I honestly do not understand what stops girls to fully engage in physical activity? That’s great! Physical exercise will cause them to forget about problems with sagging ass will make their bodies toned and more enjoyable. It’s hard to convince girls that they will never be pitching in, if not will take the farm. The girl, weighing 50 pounds, which makes dead lifts, with a weight sufficient to become a candidate master of sports, we cannot say that it is strong. When she’s in athletic outdoor clothing, of course, shows her muscles (they just preconceputa, nothing terrible), but the clothes she’s just a sweet smart lady. In short, if ladies read, not accuate to go to the gym or martial arts, will be better.

Girls who are not shy to work with glands, often draw attention to themselves. They don’t always like. Most often, the attention is very positive, especially if the girl is fit, slender, honey. And it does not spoil even the fact that she’s doing a deadlift with a weight that is twice her own. On the contrary, it is a matter of respect. And sometimes the desire to meet you. Neon sports bra and tight pants only add to this desire.

Runners cause a huge desire to learn, especially when you see it every day in the morning near your house in a nice sports outfit. There’s your reason for Dating.

7. Cyclists

Of course, those ladies who have succumbed to fashion and bought a large, deserve a separate article. Recently cyclists in the city has become more. Some do it because it is fashionable, and a smaller part for health and comfort. They are of particular interest, for the same reason that the girls from the last paragraph — they have interests. If you yourself love to travel around the city by bike in a pleasant company, you will secretly want a girl that will share your interests. Especially if you’re natural velostat. But remember, young Padawan, about the girls who are interested in things only in order to be interesting. If she zahomutat you will reveal his true face diva, which are not fun to ride a bike because «legs hurt and tights can break».

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