New best way to advertise, 22.07.2013, SqsZPI1r45vylgY2pgKaOYpkmYcJ5iEn

Advertising already placed on the beard, on land and on water. So why not put it in the place where she will most attract the attention of attractive women’s legs, for example? Smart Japanese know how to use all the tools available to implement their goals. Now in Tokyo is located on… female hips. Little skirts Japanese Schoolgirls now justified their hard work. Japanese bro and I am happy to look at hip Japanese Schoolgirls without suspicion on sexual harassment: because they just read the advertising!

Thanks for this interesting idea I Hidenori Atsumi — woman-consultant at public relations. Female candidates for the post of live billboards must be at least 18 years old, have a more or less attractive legs and the possibility of 8 hours of wear pattern is. Clothing girls short flutter skirt and long stockings just above the knee — in short, the standard clothes of anime Schoolgirls., 22.07.2013, ABMPIaFaPyCgk9MNcpwrTCXAvbq5LRTg

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