New bends, with Jeremy Clarkson

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2014_NgajQbAqib9CDJeremy Clarkson — the most epic broadcaster of our time. This is the type through which you can watch the «Top Gear». This man made a boring area of the whole show, he was able to attract millions of viewers from all over the world, and you’re probably one of them. We will not hide, we are often skip lunch at work to once again look at everyone’s favorite Englishman. His TV shows make you less angry at this unfair world.

If you’re a fan of «Top Gear», we’re betting that you’re watching this show to learn something new and become a pseudo-expert in the world of cars. Your real goal is to — over complicated figures of speech leading. Jeremy main Joker «Top Gear». It has a unique ability, he easily generates absurd lyrics while keeping a straight face. This, unfortunately, can not boast of local leaders. Jeremy has a more complete approach to their work. He’s not trying to please someone else, he’s not trying to look more cool. He’s just like this it feels cool in this situation.

Really, what’s not to like. It is surrounded by the most expensive and desirable cars. He’s got cool friends-co-host and a whole bunch of jeans in the closet. Besides filming the show on the BBC Clarkson is published weekly in the Newspapers «Sunday Times» and «Sun». His intense work, he actually got the title of most reputable automotive journalist. According to him really listen, and he actually says smart things. His love for cars he restores hatred of the exhaust tuning. Damn, but it’s so loved in our country. You will never see a friendship with Clarkson, if you have exhaust. Although, even if not so, still not clear.

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2014_s4vP7XAod1xlKIn 2013, Jeremy managed taxied to Russia and got stuck here for a whole week. These seven days have taught him life more than 40 years in England. After a visit to a harsh and cold country Clarkson wrote a very interesting article about the inhabitants, the traditions and rules in Russia. He understood why not need to be always polite and why sometimes you need to be a little Russian. I suggest you have a look at it. You’ll be able to look at yourself and your life through the eyes of a famous Briton. This is another reason neighing of his manners and way of life.

The world of journalism Clarkson opened immediately after graduation. And he immediately began to turn. Lucky guy, not everyone can boast such a track record. He worked in many popular English editions. In 1984, he began to slowly, yet so skillfully to test cars. But of course knew right away and suggested to Jeremy that this is his niche and he needs to continue to move in this direction. Jeremy was a regular contributor to the magazine «Top Gear» since the Foundation of the legendary publication. Besides publications in Newspapers and magazines Clarkson writes books in the author’s humorous style.

On TV Jeremy was in 1988. His first work in this area began with the old not upgraded «Top Gear». Though he then enjoyed no small success. And in 2002 he began work on a new improved «Top Gear» that you love so much. Together with his cool co-host, he quickly built the most popular television show on the BBC. Don’t know how it happened, but it seems everyone was watching that TV show. Although in this country, the transfer is really cool, thank you Jeremy Clarkson for that.

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2014_DhKuX4evEkrkEClarkson is famous for its immense love for jeans, cars and his family. Well, that’s what he was like so many people, you ask, we’ll give you the answer. This type thanks to its sarcastic manner to turn everything inside out and with his pure English humor, quickly became popular on television and around the world. Jeremy was the first who reached the North magnetic pole by car, of course it was in one of the editions of «Top Gear». Clarkson managed to light up in almost all areas of the media and even voiced a video game «Forza Motorsport 4».

If you still haven’t seen gear with his participation, then why do you even have TV and the Internet? Throw them out the window and now start to ship the latest season of «Top Gear». And trust us, you won’t regret it. You will be surprised at how enchanting Jeremy cuts through the track on very expensive cars and foams with anger and strongly criticizes this unit.

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