Never say the truth: where and when most often we lie

Never say the truth: where and when most often we lie

People are hypocritical. «People lie!», — so said Dr. house. Some more, some less, someone on special occasions. We lie in a variety of situations, but sinless among us will not find. One is lying to create a distinctive image. The other is lying, so as not to offend. The third is lying, because I’m used to it. And the fourth is lying, because if he told the truth, no one will understand. Feel, hell, we already have a special place.

Even if you don’t want to lie, but it is a honest man, there is always a moment when you tell the truth. Sometimes quite unconsciously, sometimes on purpose. Pricks of conscience to feel you’re less likely, because it will make sure that everything is done correctly. But perhaps that truth will set us free from the vicious cycle of lies? Maybe lies can only lead to the gates of hell, or psychological problems? Will not create our eternal lies the dissonance in our head?

According to our personal observations, without lies it is currently possible to do. Sometimes, even evasive reply is not necessary. Most often we lie in strictly defined situations that can be avoided. Of course, the truth can cause people severe emotional wounds, but it is always better than a truth that will be revealed later. In this list you will find serious things and light things. But the lie in both serious and minor things are absolutely equal, because you are lying and confusing yourself first.

1. When we break up with girls

Often we try not to offend them, but more often we try to shield themselves by showing that we have separated as «civilized people». All these: «We’re not on the road,» «the Flame extinguished» «We can still be friends», «it’s not you, it’s me» — it’s all complete crap. Most people have long prosekli that it is common to deceive. Oddly enough, but suffice it to say the truth: «I love another woman!» «I excite!», «I love you», «I need another girl», «You’re a bitch». Why say such a hurtful and brutal truth? For a very simple reason: after these honest words your relationship will end finally! You can cut the knot hurt her, but the uncertainty will go away.

2. When it looks very bad

The girl came to you with a new haircut. She wants you to appreciate her new dress. The girl is very happy, but there is one problem: the new image she absolutely is not. Moreover, it distorts it. We can say that she is going to make her feel good. But in this case we have a situation not a «praise me» and the situation «my new changes». Better to gently tell her that the new image is not so good, and then didn’t tell her someone else. Teach wife to honesty. Maybe for the first time would be a scandal, but nothing terrible.

3. When you love to eat fast food

It is strange to see when people literally hooked on some kind of fast food, but it convinces everyone around that he hates him. Like hamburgers and fries? So tell me. There is nothing wrong. If they really loved the fast food industry would not be booming.

4. When I make a mistake I can’t fix

Why go somewhere if you made a mistake? Why not admit it? Know it will be worse.

5. To lie in order to get close to some person

«Yes, I had the same shit, man, I know what you mean!», «Yes, I used to watch this dude, great movies!», «I know what you’re talking about three years, went to Muay Thai»! An outright lie. Sometimes it seems the white lie, but it is not. We specifically bind another man to him, trying to be close to him on an emotional level, telling him that once suffered as well. Only here the closer we are to it will not be common themes no. However, you can always find them. Real, real issues.

6. To lie when you mean don’t know or don’t know something for sure

There’s nothing worse than a pseudo. So many of them bred! Furthermore, we recommend that you not only say something, if you’re not sure in something one hundred percent. If you do not know about a phenomenon, the movie or the book, don’t tell me you in the subject.

If everybody had read some book, and you’re the only one not aware of what Marquez and his «one Hundred years of solitude», own up to it. Of course, a couple aesthete snobs will snort in the direction of your ignorance, but it is a very good description of these guys.

7. To lie about other people’s results, forcing someone to work better

Your woman a long time swinging and she has the results? Don’t say they are small, don’t think it’s a great way to get her to work on herself more. If your friend for a long time preparing for something and it is progress, do not underestimate it! Do you think they will be more work, but it’s a good way to get them to leave their occupation because it does not bring result. At least, more likely. In fact, such nonsense speaks very good about you: you are jealous to other people who may have something to do or to get myself to work. Very bad move, think about it!

8. To underestimate their capabilities

No, modesty is a good thing, but often we confuse it with laziness and inability to apply their skills. Is the place to be and lack of confidence in their own abilities. If you really can do it, don’t tell me you are not able to do it, remember, of course, that you can put a hand, forcing to do more work than necessary. Evaluate yourself objectively, it’s hard, but it’s the best of the skills.

9. When in fact everything is bad, and you’re lying to yourself that the opposite is true

Your relatives don’t like you, at work don’t respect my girl you don’t like, it annoys you, the future is foggy, and you’re banging your head against a concrete wall? Why tell yourself that it’s okay if you subconsciously understand that it is not? You’re trying to rationalize their laziness and show that everything is fine, but it’s not. The problem you have to admit the only way you will be able to solve it.

10. When you need to convince someone that everything is fine

But in reality we are all just very bad. You got the last one thousand rubles, the bills are a decent hill, and ate the last time you instant noodles with egg. Some close friends ask us about our state of Affairs, but we lie to them, because we are led by pride. We all have bad days, but the free cheese is only in a mousetrap. There is nothing wrong to take someone else’s help, then give.

11. When we don’t love the person

We are sick of it, but we still stubbornly say that we love. Why? Why? Ourselves sure it would be better to do recognition, but no.

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