Never say that!

Never say that!


There are enough things you don’t have to speak. The best way to convince yourself in something — to sit down and carefully say to yourself the thought word for word so that you yourself believed in what he said. You will be. The power of autosuggestion is damn big! Therefore, never under any circumstances tell yourself these phrases, because otherwise, man, a big chance that you will become a loser, not in words but in deeds.

1. «I’m not good enough for this»

It happens that we have a lot of time it is impossible some thing that we’re trying to do. We are trying, trying and trying, but all in vain. Do you remember your past failures and the words of those who oppose you become words people wish you well and that you didn’t focus on only one thing. You gradually lose yourself and succumb to the entreaties of others to stop. Never be afraid to give yourself a chance. The first time it turns out not many, but enough to make some effort, and things will get better. The past must determine just how quickly you got back up after my next failure from the ground. It does not define who you are. Try not to underestimate yourself! Just do your job!

2. «I must live to fulfill other people’s expectations»

Remember that it is always better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than at the top of the stairs which you in no way wanted to get out. If you can achieve happiness, success and peace implementation in any case, only afterwards. Of course you can achieve certain success in the fact that you chose parents, but you will achieve much greater success in that business that you sincerely like. Why is this garbage? First, favorite thing are the least tiring. This can be a heavy mental or physical work, but you don’t get tired of it as fast as the unloved, because she’ll mentally satisfying. To work it is nice to go sometimes, of course, to get up and to go somewhere it is unpleasant, but if to this is added the hostility of some business, it is a drop in the ocean! The main thing — to understand what’s on your mind! To do this, get a hobby and try yourself in different! Even if you are already working on unloved work, get a favorite thing, you will have a little peace of joy in life.

3. «These people say about me, terrible things. If it was true?»

Of course, a little reflection won’t hurt, but I’ll tell you one cool universal formula about the bad rumors. If one person out of ten doesn’t like you, it’s okay. If five out of ten people don’t like you and talking about you behind your back, a reason to think about these people. If nine out of ten people speak badly of you, and the tenth — your mom, think about their actions. Don’t underestimate someone else’s idea, but to depend on it is also not necessary.

4. «I have a confession to go further»

The desire for recognition, killed Walter white! Wish everyone sang the hymns of your amazing talent, cunning mind and long penis, can lead you to a well deserved crash. Do, that which you know. Life isn’t always tolerate the balance. Justice is up with people! Don’t expect that all your efforts will pay off. Don’t expect recognition for every effort that you make, will come. And don’t expect you all understandable, endeared and caressed!

Perhaps to do what you want and what you need to do the most difficult task in our life. There are a lot of big names. There are characters from our series «Heroes». These people overcame a lot of setbacks in his life. You know why they went down in history? Because I didn’t hesitate to go their own way. And what you want!

5. «It’s too late for me»

Don’t let the past steal your present. The past is in fact dead, he is no more, all that you have — the present moment. Why revive the dead? Let him go and grow! When we become older and wiser, we begin to understand what we need and what we should leave behind. Sometimes we need to relax, sometimes you need to move forward. But in any case, if you’re not trying to learn something new and go forward, you are forever stuck! Now your destiny is to grumble about the young, wonder how fast growing technology around and the books you want to read, but instead you say that the new prose — shit. Don’t waste another minute regretting the fact that something did not have time yesterday. If you’re alive, it’s time to do it now. There is no such thing as «late.» Sometimes the threshold is, of course, but it can also be overcome. Fear exists only in your head!

6. «I need to understand»

When you’re trying to sit down and sort out — it’s a great experience. But when the reflection is delayed, it all becomes a real tape, which nafig not needed. Sometimes the things we find quite suddenly, sometimes come to life those dreams that we never knew existed. The essence of this point is that the appetite comes while eating. You need to start something to do, somewhere to go, to start exploring the world to understand what we need. More experience! During the research, the world will understand what you actually need.

7. «I’m not cut out to be a positive and friendly»

The permanent positive — hypocrisy. Not like such people. Positive should be to look at the world in which the negative side relegated to the background. Nobody was not created by positive or friendly. It appears in the process of life. Or does not appear. But it is quite possible to bring up. Just do not confuse positive and friendly person with an enthusiastic pothead who tries to impose their opinion and the magic of friendship.

8. «My life should be easier without all that going on!»

Great challenges make life interesting, overcoming them makes life meaningful. How you deal with failure and discomfort that determines your level of success and stress in the future. Laugh at mistakes and learn from them. Joke about problems, eat from them. Consider the difficulties just another obstacle, think of it as just a boss or mini-boss from the video game: if you consider the situation, to defeat them much easier.

To focus on the issues that make your life uncomfortable, disgusting idea. Every problem in your life with this approach would be to turn it into a real chaos, just a huge wave that rises above sea level, at the risk of all flood.

9. «I can’t forgive»

Forgiveness is a promise. Promise that you’ll stop trying to revive the past to poison your life. Understand that forgiveness does not mean that what happened may be forgivable and acceptable, and it also does not mean that the person you forgive, must, as before, was a welcome guest in your life. This means that you made peace with your emotional pain and is ready to release this man and move on with your life. It sounds terribly selfish, but, unfortunately, the mechanism of forgiveness works that way. And you know why? Because there are MANY THINGS that don’t need to forgive.

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