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manygoodtips.com_23.06.2014_lt7234CnZQVMwWe all talk to ourselves. Of course, not explicitly, but in the mind. Of course, some like to keep to themselves intimate conversation, but it’s not as cool as it may seem. Affirmations are short phrase to yourself, which we are trying to create internal installation on the positive and other needed things. Most often they do not work, often they are harmful, but it is from them and use. Science is not exactly defined.

But there are words that we use sure affirmations, not realizing that they are strongly fixed in our subconscious mind, blowing poisonous roots and stems. It’s time to get rid of these toxic thoughts, otherwise you’re gonna be sick, man! What are you thinking of?

1. «It’s too late for me!»

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter where you live, you can always change the situation, to improve yourself and your own life. Of course, many will have to sacrifice in order to escape from circumstances, but who said that should be easy: peace, power, and understanding will come to you, when you are able to adjust to the loud judgments of others, drown them in himself and to hear the soft and steady hum of your own inner strength. Only then will you understand that everything is still ahead, and the chance to change something is always there.

2. «If I were stronger, smarter, prettier…»

But once they are plucked off the hair on the head to the accompaniment of his own thoughts «I’m a mess, I wasn’t so lucky with the natural talents. That my friend Kolka beautiful women give him, his muscles grow better… And I cannot boast of!» will compel you have a sneaking idea that each person has strengths and weaknesses, and are all born with the same amount of donation, but in different areas. Do not believe those false tenets: there are geniuses, there is talent, there are people with talents, and there are absolute losers. If the case and genetics will give you stunning looks, responsive muscles and a great memory, you’re the winner in front of a man who «gave» pear body build, poor memory, early onset baldness and short stature. The only thing that remains less happy for the guys is to work on yourself. And their successes will be evaluated much higher the successes of the lucky ones, because they have suffered. Says Teddy beard: «the Beautiful body and results must be earned!»

3. «What I have to say is not important»

Silence will only make things worse. Of course, an adult should understand that there are times when to speak and when to remain silent, but if all speak, why not do the same? Tell the truth, their point of view. Say it before the habit of silence will kill you and your creativity! Honestly, one of the saddest things is that too many people used to be silent and to hide my most important thoughts and feelings.

4. «The less risk, the less regrets»

Only changes to a new life. Choice, attempt to catch new opportunities and a passion for change need risk always. In order to achieve something, you need a choice, and that was the choice to take the risk. Otherwise your life will never change. In the end, the more mistakes we will make on this path, the more we will have things to remember in old age. But most important: we will have more chances of real success, which we won’t regret. Relationships, career, Hobbies — all this is something that rarely goes easily. For this to work and try.

5. «I need permission»

Like adults, but still are constantly looking for figure great uncle who needs something to prevent or avoid. Without it in any way. Do your thing. Don’t be shy to try, try and spend all of their time on different attempts. Other people’s opinion on the situation is always simple to obtain: people generally like to leave suggestions and comments for any reason, most often non-constructive. Of course, we urge you not to listen to other people’s opinions under the pretext that they are all idiots. It is not so! The point of view of people in fact is always important to review, especially if they are in the subject. But the decision to accept only you.

6. «I’ll start tomorrow»

Many great things can be done right now. Most major things have been postponed for tomorrow. At least some authors edition so it seems. Don’t let your fear and laziness stop you. This is a huge mistake! Life with mistakes is not only enjoyable, but more useful than a regular boring existence, which was held under the auspices of procrastination, fear, and idleness.

7. «I just want to be comfortable»

You’ll never improve yourself and your life, if you cling to all that was, just because it’s familiar and convenient. Big things rarely come in the comfort zone. You have to take risks! Only in this case you realize your full potential that you have. Even if you’re expecting a good event that will change your life, it is unlikely he will fall on your head when you’re sitting with the tablet on the toilet.

8. «Pain should be avoided at all costs»

The philosophy of stoicism for those who are afraid of peace and human suffering. Our whole life is an ocean, in a storm. Without pain it is impossible to create, to overcome, to endure, to be implemented in order to love and become more than you are now. Pain to humans, in fact, the same habitual and necessary part of life, like air. It is impossible to be happy without suffering, and just like that, all this vile illusion. However, is happiness?

9. «It’s all their fault»

If you sit for too long blaming others for what they did or didn’t do, you’re wasting time needlessly. Cultivate a sense of guilt, as well as fosters a confidence in the fault of other people, very simple. But to accept the fact that you’re sitting in a vicious circle of navel gazing and old grudges, go out now and accept the situation for what it is — much more difficult. Work better on it.

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