Neutralizer of intestinal gas, 9.08.2013, wWlwN7zBIVBBIl62VMurN9y6TQBsHvsj

From stomach issues, a friend, no one is immune, to say the least. In General, there is not a single bro or friend, who would not ruin the air and the life of his environment very bad smell. And all because… we are human beings. Unexpectedly. I found in the vast Amazon weird stickers. The manufacturer positions them as… converters farts. Plates are glued to the spot, facing the source of all bad smells of the world, and, in fact, eliminate their unpleasant effect.

All 5 stickers for a total of five days without the nasty smell. Enough to treat stomach, so, friend? The sticker, naturally, is disposable, so illusions don’t! How do they neutralize the unpleasant smell? With the help of activated charcoal, of course, but my biggest concern is, will it turn your ass in something black. I hope not, friend.

The happy guy with the problems kishechnikf worth $ 12. So to heal you have, finally, the stomach! Although, on the other hand, you can take with you on a date so nothing was spoiled.

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