Neighbors trespassing

Going on a trip, be sure to plan your route. Otherwise, instead of the friendly Republic to be on the cold bunk. History remembers many meaningless from the point of view of common sense, and completely justified, from a policy perspective, unneighborly wars. So there are some problems with crossing the border. We will tell you about the closest and most relevant for Russian tourists.

Israel – Arab States

Since then, as in 1947 the Jews were given the opportunity to build a state in the midst of the Sands, with a view to their historical homeland and neighboring dissatisfied with neighborhood Muslims, the region sparkles like a lighted wick.

Until recently, the entry with an Israeli stamp has been banned in many Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, and Sudan is not an Arab, but Muslim Iran. But now everything is much simpler: Israeli border guards stopped putting stamps in the passport, instead of giving them the sack. Give it to you when you fly safely and fly in any Arab country. However, some still have problems, especially when it comes to Iran and Saudi Arabia closed.

Armenia – Azerbaijan

The border between these countries is closed. This stems from a couple of wars in the early twentieth century. between the newly established republics and the conflict in 1992-1994 And all because of the following – Karabakh, an Armenian enclave inside Azerbaijan For Armenians is like Kosovo for the Serbs, history, and headache. When you enter Azerbaijan with a note on the visit to Armenia can be difficult: a fine, long expository conversation, searched or even denied entry. In 2013, the Azerbaijani border guards deported Russian journalist Milrad Fatullayev from Baku, found in his passport a stamp about the stay in Armenia. Output: to ask the border guards not to stamp the passport and issue an additional liner. Or travel first in Azerbaijan and then in Armenia, where there are no such restrictions.

Nagorno-Karabakh – Azerbaijan

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the former «fraternal republics» started to sort things out with the self-proclaimed States. The result of these «findings» became the mass immigration of the local population, and rivers of blood. The Karabakh events – a clear example of this. And if the passport will be stamp on the visit of Nagorno Karabakh, visiting Azerbaijan will be difficult. However, usually there are no marks in Karabakh, the Russians do not put. The thing to remember about the visit of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and get rid of all of Karabakh «evidence», otherwise the inevitable problems with customs. A visa to visit the self-proclaimed NKR Russians don’t need. In fact, like to visit Azerbaijan.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia – Georgia

The whole history of modern Georgia is an attempt to subdue my proud province. And very bloody. Abkhazian war in General, terrible to remember. Georgia considers South Ossetia and Abkhazia their occupied territories, so the entry into the country directly from these republics is regarded as illegal. Consequences more serious than it may seem: from a fine to detention. And suddenly you’re a spy? Those who travel to Abkhazia or South Ossetia from Russia, it must be remembered that the customs checkpoint «Gantiadi – Adler» (Abkhazia) and brutal called «the Rock – Bottom Zaramag» (Tskhinvali) are illegal, and if you go then to Georgia, you can go to prison for a term of three to five years. But there is a way. To avoid problems with the law, Abkhazia and South Ossetia should go to the Russian passport (the more fun the guards and don’t give grades), and to Georgia for a visit.

Kosovo is Serbia

As you know, Kosovo je Srbia. And whoever disagrees, let him carefully study the history of the Serbian Principality and the historical period of the time of the Battle of Kosovo. In Serbia, whose government is wants to sell his country dearly, yet believe Kosovo’s territory is out of control, and recognize the marks in the passport, which put the border guards in Kosovo. If earlier Kosovo’s stamp was cancelled simply border Serbia, more recently, the Serbs regard the entry of Kosovo as illegal border crossing, resulting in possible fines and even deportation from the country. And perhaps get nothing at all. «Bratushek» brothers Serbs like, the main thing – to be able to explain what the hell you were doing in Kosovo.

If failed, you can enter through a third country, such as Montenegro or Macedonia. By the way, pay attention for Russians is a visa-free Serbia, and in Kosovo from 1 July 2013 require a visa. And there is nothing to do. It was a pig doing from their homes in a pigsty. And the Kosovars, brought the country that are trying to immigrate.

Cyprus: Greek and Turkish parts

Cyprus has long been inhabited by Greeks and Turks. Of course, such a burning door was supposed to be over something bad. In 1974, during the difficult political situation, the Turkish troops invaded Cyprus in a small, made it, as expected, ethnic cleansing, shoot a couple of weeks in Cypriot soldiers (without the intervention of the United States, intercepting Greek aircraft flying to the rescue of comrades), and since then Cyprus and its capital is divided into two parts – Greek Republic of Cyprus and the unrecognized self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. And if your passport is stamped on arrival at illegal Ercan airport, in the Greek part of you will not be allowed. An exception may be made only to the holders of Schengen. In the Turkish part Greek one can travel without interference.

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