negerai Lover sex all hard. They need to seriously fine tune the radio. Otherwise the result can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, many of them sexual questions mute as a fish: either do not know what they want or don’t want to talk. We believe that all of us well, hear her moans and proud of myself. But how do you know if she complains of my close girlfriends on you, your skills and your «unit». No, your ego can not stand it, when you know that she is unhappy with you in sex. But how much will drop your pride, if you found out that your lady is afraid to go to bed love, because its annoying when you bite her nipples? Not guarantee that all women don’t like these things, there are those who all those things are scary like. But still most of the ladies all these dubious «affection» I do not like the banal reason: they cannot be called a gentle touch to the erogenous zones. Instead of watching porn and use it as a textbook, listen to

1. Any attempt to reproduce poses from porn

If you’re trying to be his lady in some very unnatural posture, which is more suitable for yoga than for copulation, it is unlikely she will like it. You probably saw it in porn, and porn is not real life. In real life a girl can be a little bit wider to spread his legs — stretching is not enough.

2. When she’s upstairs, doing nothing, just looking at her waiting

Looking impatient cats when the owner guts the pack with food to feed the hungry critters. Stroke her Breasts, get her one kiss. If you want to relax and surrender to the full will, close your eyes, but don’t forget at least a tit feel in the process.

3. Ask her to get you into a condom

You think that’s sexy, but bear in mind that not everyone is like that. In the process she will think: «I did everything right?» «I didn’t hurt his nails?» or «EW, gross rubber!» In General, it is better to ask her if she «dress» your penis? Ask to sex.

4. Spank

Light spanking is the norm. But if you whip her she sure is painted all the Wallpaper in the house, congratulations: she brings you to a list of awful lovers. Masochist, of course, be happy hiding, but the real pain that even tears welling in her eyes, not really up for the sex. How much to flog? Start with light strokes and ask her, «Stronger??»

5. Ask her: «how?»

It looks as though you’re begging for a word of praise. Understand it in her face a healthy pink blush and smile.

6. During a Blowjob use her head as a tool for Masturbation

It does its job and you, remembering about hardcore porn with some young Stoya, grab her head and begin to make its reciprocating motion. From such speed, the probability that the girl will be sick. If she person gentle and sublime, there is a chance never to oral sex. Or only on the day of birth.

7. In the middle of foreplay to put her finger in…

Romance, kissing, cuddling, lovers moaning. And then you suddenly shove her finger in the ass. She’s frankly not ready for what happens, because everything hinted to her on a romantic long passionate sex. A true gentleman knows when it is appropriate to put my beloved lady finger, sorry, ass.

8. When she’s already on edge, and you quickly change the pose to something new

Well, it’s hard to guess, really. It requires experience and observation. Learn, young Padawan!

9. Try to give her oral pleasure after a long day of work

Some girls and guys do not confuse the unwashed throughout the day the sexual organs, but plenty of neat that the idea that a guy would get into something not too clean mouth, not at all exciting. If she refuses once, it is better not to climb, all you get is boring sex, during which she will count the seconds until the end and think that you’re still a pig.

10. The introduction of the fingers in all holes

Not all girls are crazy about anal sex. But even those who do not mind to try and try again «Popeye of joy», will not be thrilled that their young people will stick their fingers of one hand in the ass, and the fingers of the other hand into his mouth. At her surprised face, you can understand that she feels like a pig on a spit.

11. Fingers in the mouth

This dubious idea is found in every second porno, if not every the first. In real life putting my finger in her mouth is just a sad sucking reproach or the same dumb question: «And what I supposed supposed to do, sir?» And that’s because tucked fingers in the mouth do not cause any positive emotions and only need to make the girl showed the extent of his debauchery. But life is not porn. However, in porn it often looks ridiculous.

12. To try to put something into it, obviously not designed for this purpose

If a girl does not like your fingers, why she might like other items? Especially if it’s not a special «toy». Experimenting is good, but you need to understand is she ready for this?

13. Try to make anal sex without any preparation

To anal sex without special training can only be from a VERY well prepared girl. She’s not a porn star? Sorry! Use grease, not to injure her tender insides and not to origenate from the consequences. Be a gentleman, dude!

14. Biting nipples

The nipple is delicate and vulnerable creature. Darkness nerve endings and blood vessels, so it is highly sensitive. It is obvious that the bite for this place is a very painful procedure. If you’re not sure that she likes biting the nipples, it is better not to do. The same applies to rough twisting, and other unkind manipulations. First make sure!

15. 69, but you’re on top

Not each woman likes to lie under the heavy carcass dangerously close to the anus. If you’re very tearfully begged, she, of course, agree, but it would be bad to lie under you, at a time when you will rise to the heavens. But you won’t see it.

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