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We have written many times about the negative people and bad company. You know, perhaps, that life is not so long thing to spend it on all sorts of unworthy people! The negative burden, and through him, you are losing strength and very tired. So how do you determine which people you do not need on your path of life?

1. Hopelessly evil drama Queens

Drama-Queen — the word is derived the English phrase Drama Queen. In fact, it means those people who all their lives turn into a real drama with a demonstration of some strange things, empty scandals and other negative feelings. In all seriousness, these people behave as though they’re right in the theater among the hundreds of chairs and audience that looks at them, and they play in a production of Shakespeare. This behavior is usually characteristic of girls who are at home. The more you scream, the more they scream at you and the better they feel: they love to be the center of drama. People are such drama-Queens are only interested in as a source of emotions and experiences that they artificially support them causeless scandal.

2. The man you failed to enjoy for a long time

Some people are really hard to please. And some people are sympathetic, but the rest — Fig.

Some people because of their negativity can’t love you for reasons that are and are not able to call. It’s simple: don’t like. Your every attempt to correct their attitude to you will only worsen it. Don’t hate them, do not try to fix them — just go.

3. Those who always opposes your plans and dreams

As we have mentioned in many articles, come to trust those who laugh at your dreams. They really don’t deserve it. A true friend will not laugh even on the most insane dream. The most he can say, «Dude, maybe it’s not yours?» Your failure may be a direct echo of what you listened to their advice, dude! Lack of faith in your powers supposedly loved ones can supply a series of psychological constraints on your personality, friend. Enough to communicate with them!

4. Manipulators

Beware those who are trying to lead your thoughts and actions, even if it’s your family. These people will require your help, putting their personal needs above other people. They will appeal to your conscience, to rebuke you so that you do not help loved ones in times of need, so that good people don’t do. But you, in turn, will help reluctantly, strongly emphasizing that they are incredible well done, I help you, forcing you to be much more grateful than necessary. Also, these people may bully you, influence you the most in a strange way. Often, despite the unattractiveness and repulsive nature of the situation, we accept this behavior as normal («It’s close dude!»), but don’t do that, friend! And even close down is not meaningful, believe me!

5. The stubborn people who insist that you have to be someone else

Let these people will not respect you for your actions, but it is far better than to suffer, knowing that you didn’t listen to that advice. Relatives and friends are often unable to understand that over the years you’ve changed, your views can change too. They can still talk about the man «Dylan is always flying in the clouds», not wanting to notice that dreaminess Vova took place when he was 18 years old max.

But it is important to understand that the only person who knows what’s going on in your head, is you. And even then, it is unlikely you know you’ve changed or you think you do. Unless you really know what you are, you will never find happiness and success. But if people around you still don’t know what you changed, communication with them is cut: they can’t love you the way you are.

6. A friend who refuses to forgive your past mistakes

Not scared to make a mistake, afraid to admit mistakes, man. We all do — some more, some less. Mistakes teach us life, help us to accumulate experience. But those people who still remind you your old mistakes, of course worthy of your respect. Especially if much time has passed. Those who constantly remembers your old sins, is worthy to be in your environment. So true, friend!

7. Our inner critic

Boom! A Wake-up call! So, within each of us sits a strange and terrible inner critic, which in case of good will to question our actions, forcing us to estimate risks, and at worst, will only hinder all of our activities. Often we perceive only a positive experience, it is quite genuinely did not understand that error, coupled with our concerns — is also part of our nature. Too often the cries of our inner critic can make us a little sick, man. And we don’t want that, right?

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