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Hey Dude! My name is Dan, I’m 26, and I have a question for you.

I’ve already read your journal and you have it really good, modern and interesting. Bravo!

Write to you people of all ages, and everyone has their own issues and problems. Most often written by people who are aware, but not trying to hear inside you (intuition mean, dude), and listen to what others say. In the future, such a choice in life causes a lot of problems: depression, disrupted nerves, psychoses and so on. And I have the opposite problem!

At 19, sitting in class in theoretical mechanics, I suddenly realized that I would like to try acting. 20 there was a desire to make a website and just started to learn HTML. All the time with 18 tried to work, even at the expense of learning. I really, really hate the routine, the mediocrity, the constant repetition of the same day from year to year (which is why I had a huge problem with the study – cool walking).

Let’s just say, the society wrote a stupid law, as you have to live your life: school, studies at uni and for the rest of their days working at work, start a family and so on.

But I realized in school that I did not want to, and sometimes did stupid in spite of all these «norms of society» and the life I had and there are quite a curious and adventurous.

Very hard studying is over for me, and I started working. At 23 got a job at a major office in the civil service sector. 24 I created a website and continue to develop it (youth magazine), 25 went to acting classes, despite the fact that everyone around me said it was his childhood (but it was the best pastime over the years!). He was fond of Boxing, wrestling, swimming; in his student years he wrote porn stories for a popular in Runet site with similar content, do good subjects to modifications for computer games and blah-blah-blah.

Silly probably a question, but I once worked in MTS and refused a position after the internship. The teacher said to me: «If you’re 30 you will not find that firm where you will stay for a long time, then after 30 you do not need you».

And I am in my life tried a lot and they want even more. But some things I like, some not. And I don’t want to stop and want to go further and further.

About love I don’t think in General (not only prostitutes): trying myself with no one to communicate, because they do not want unnecessary emotions now. The income mainly from work, but the website began to bring penny into it and invest.

Say, Man, could it be that my consistency that lies in my inconsistency and frequent change of interests, in the future can play a negative role? I mean that fear that in the future I will be jumping from one to another, and eventually know everything, but nowhere to come.

There are things that I like for a very long time: I try to do often, and there are a whole bunch that I have tried and still want to try. Work I its not very much, but have been working for 4 years, because the habit. To me it’s like a ship, and not, as I try to implement in their hobby.

Now I am not satisfied with something in your life (assuming that labor and wages), I’ve been to interviews in the IT field (not suitable, but samebecause on), and I’m afraid that in the future, in 3-4 years, will not try to completely change all of his professional environment, and so will be repeated every few years.

I have a dream to be a film Director and screenwriter. First sat down to write at age 6, after seeing the cartoon «the lion King» – I was very much impressed with Timon and Pumbaa. Against the background of Soviet cartoons these animals look kind of cool. Now, I dream about my own series (not about the war or the cops, or gangsters, but to show the harsh realities of life with a small addition of philosophy and psychedelics, as well as humor). My dream is to play a major role and I think that maybe all of my research myself, in fact, already finished. Subconsciously I know what I want, but make little steps to implement his ideas.

Here what would you advise, Dude?



Phew! You can now exhale. Dude, if everything you told us is actually true, then I’m all in shock from your life. Maybe you decided to practice and sent us on approval part of your new story? This is the most reasonable explanation presents a medley.

The reason I questioned the reality of this story? And probably because you’ve mixed in your life, what do you actually say yourself. You have too many contradictions, but just need to know whether to deal with it.

It will be too obvious and trite if I say that you need to fall in love and blah-blah-blah. About love: you’ll know when it’s time, and I’m not going to give advice about this. Although I wouldn’t exclude such version: maybe you just need a serious relationship and more. Do not start right away with hands and feet to fend off her.

I agree with you that now for some reason, society does everything internally (although, of course, no one wants to admit it). And you are right in saying that the cause is a «stupid law.» So, we own hands build around ourselves incredibly high, solid fence, through which then do not dare to go. Themselves stuck in that ass, and now tormented.

And it is precisely because of these unnecessary obstacles and there are contradictory person like you. All this – the desire to overcome and surpass the herd. Such person, let’s call them «leaders» are sometimes heavily flirt, they fail to renounce all rules and mainstream at once. Rushing around like a chicken with its head torn off. Wherever tkni, everywhere these zombies who can’t abandon the age-old structures, and this flight will continue for many years: the leader will try to find a clean, not ruined before the end of his days.

The saddest thing about this is that at one point he will hit a dead end. He was everywhere and saw everything. Specifically, he saw the infected people into already saturated areas. The chief did not notice who he was. No, not a hermit like in some movie. He became the leader of a new flock. The herd, which bears the proud name of «Les Miserables.»

Typically, these will never understand and did not recognize his defeat, it would seem that they – at the top, and there, under the feet, leaving only the black. The error lies in the fact that they already do more than pollute not only their hands they were all covered with ash, which was formed from their burnt-out dreams.

People are equally as disadvantaged, dislike, and favorites of fortune.How the hell is that pretentious happened. Similar to the Caucasian toast. Anyway, I hope you catch my point. First «new people with fresh brains, which is really sensible ideas, and really fight for what’s right. But then it breaks the desire to be «different». In the end, they turn into freaks, pathetic, lost people.

Of course, I don’t want to think that you’re one of those «leaders.» So I suggest you to think about this. Once again, your life is incredibly rich, but if it’s not particularly annoying, why change it?

Even if you’re the leader. Why change if you feel like this? Another question, if you don’t have to live one day, and you’re worried about what’s ahead of you in a few years with the pace. I would say that you are still very young, and, I think, can I give you another two years to such recklessness. Just would be better if you’ll calm down now, until you no one makes special claims, especially no girlfriend.

So, it’s better it happen now than in 40 years, when it will be wife and kids, and you suddenly realize that all my life had an irresistible passion for motorcycles, and now just need to be a biker, and are empty in all serious, you will understand that youth was spent in vain and you managed to use all her charms.

If you dream of becoming a Director-writer, then be one. Well, or at least make a small step this is quite achievable dream. Don’t worry, that kind of jumps from place to place will haunt you throughout life. Sooner or later you will have a family, how would you have refused, and then it settles.

If you still believe the opposite, and prostitutes for your priority, let’s imagine for a moment your prospects. I’m not only about his personal life. Suppose that as before you will run from place to place. You’re probably not to going somewhere, only to the fact that you’ll be able to call myself «master of life». The world likes stability, so I suggest you think about it.

If you say you know what you want, go to this very slowly, the speed in this case is not so important. The important thing is that you know what you really want, and everything else is not important. It remains only to gather strength and to do something, even something useless, to implement the plan.

Ask your question wording

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