Need to date a virgin?


I already wrote about the extremely high requirements of some dudes who are not dignity, contrary to popular belief. As strange as it may sound, some bro still want a nice girl who is smart, hot in bed that will love his mother, a great cook and… is a virgin. It is not strange, but this thing still left. I six months ago a friend of my friend in a terrible drunk told me that to deprive the girl of innocence, probably just an unforgettable sight. Since I have the experience with virgin, I tactfully said nothing, so as not to ruin his wonderful dream by talking about blood and constant desire girls you somewhere to crawl away.

Society raised us with the attitude of the woman as mother, Venus, and the virgin. A lot of people are not against mothers and prostitutes, but some still want a virgin body.

Sexual fantasy or offset?

When we hear «virgin», we’ll present something clean and pure. If we have not had a negative experience with virgins. White snow that just fell, unlawful sexual fantasy and dream to be a pioneer (awful cheesy phrase). Think about it, man. But most important, we must not cherish the thought of you will remember. Perhaps you will be remembered as the man who was slipping her the dick, and after which had to wash the sheets in cold water. You have a lot of work.

A virgin can be a woman who has simply lived up to his first sexual intercourse. Maybe the one with some kind of fanaticism convinced that you want to save yourself for THE one. If you accept this challenge, you need to do LONG work, showing what a good. Or you have a broken heart and a lot of mental problems.

Note that not all virgins, contrary to popular belief, are fragile and pristine. Always the determining factor — the age and circumstances. And all of this affects how fast you can take the first step and even start to meet her. 30 year old fat virgin, of course, can match with 18-year-old gentle naive dove. Good advice dude, stay away from both. If you’re in love, it is different. You’ll need all your compassion and patience.

Patience is a virtue

This is inevitable? Well, okay. Let me be honest with you. If you want to date a virgin, pay attention that she may be a virgin in more than one sense of the word. Forget about sex for a moment, it’s hard, I know. Will she be able to cope with other aspects of the relationship, or she gives up, falls to the floor and out of the game? How will you react to this?

On the concept of personal space and independence? Do you love hanging out with friends, or prefer a quiet vacation? She shares your interests and life positions? Whether she understands it or just not noticing anything, wants to get a relationship started? Does she understand all this? Let it be with someone I dated before you did them different things, but relationship without sex is not even the honeymoon period, it knows that! It is not a relationship with someone, just meet!

You may have even different views on relationships. Often girls who so passionately protect their innocence, believe that sex is something really symbolic, personal, mysterious and beautiful. It is also a symbol of the highest love. And especially uporotyh fucking just for kids! The only way. If you think all this bullshit, find another girl with experience».

It always happens with what we do, we love this thing is considered sacred. In any case, when you gradually interfere in her personal space, her emotions towards you will grow. It will become more sensitive. If virgin suddenly feel the disrespect from your side that you will never be able to stay with her. The fact that boyfriend for Virgo is a coach, a diplomat, which can be sent to hell if something goes wrong. If you have no desire to play these two roles out of the game now while it’s still possible.

Success stories

A fairly long acquaintance managed as a virgin, get married at 27. Before that for three years they dated. Without sex. The horror, right? And her husband cannot be called virtuous, this man, who had the experience of a 6 year relationship, a bunch of novels of the past and a hell of a attraction for women. Most likely, the secret of the success of this couple is that dude sex tired in his life, so he was looking for something else. They are already married and, say, the children are waiting.

However, I have another story I just wanted to tell you. A friend of one of my Institute friend lost her virginity at the age of 32. She was quite a pretty girl, but lost her very first meet, found on the Dating site. Then she willingly described the guy that she went to such a step, because she «just got tired of being a virgin». Reasons why it is generally adhered to a vow of celibacy, I don’t know. Maybe not like his figure. Now, say she even have a relationship, and before them she had a ball and the year of making love with anyone. Here!

Respect her decision

Let it may seem absolutely silly to you (I think), but you have to respect her decision. Never say that its decision to preserve the purity crap, he would be offended to depth of soul. Anything you can correct it. Everyone in a head the cockroaches. She had hers. Not be pressure on him, don’t take her just because you want sex. You know why? Because I’ll tell you absolutely truthfully and accurately: girls sex sucking! She has no experience and, God forbid she be able to kiss, so that you’re not suffocated by her tongue. She doesn’t know how to do a Blowjob! You have everything to teach her. But what is most important: the procedure defloration is hell. If girl exciting, it could go well. But if this is not done, it means the same as sticking your dick into a tube that does not match the size of your Johnson. There are all narrow, sometimes hymen is not so easy to break. Sometimes a little push there cause the girl pain, which forced her to run away from under you. And yet there is often narrowly. Very narrowly. And so will a few more times then. But it is individual characteristics, in short. In General, several times think before to become a «pioneer».

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