Need for speed: everything you wanted to know about karting

All of us at the time we bought the tickets «go-karting», which was a race for a small brisk highways, lined with worn-out tires. We sat in something resembling a parsed formula, and toes being stepped on finger sharply pressing the gas pedal. Those days we remember with nostalgia, because for many the drive on the map is the first acquaintance with the automotive world. Speed seemed crazy and difficult turns, drifts, full of drive and racing enjoyment.

How it all began

But where did come from karting and is this case relevant to sports? Will reply immediately to the second question: Yes, karting is a sport. Moreover, it has become so in the distant 60s, when the international Federation of motor racing has given the green light to small cars with engines with a volume of 100 cm3. In 1964 in the Eternal City hosted the first karting championship, and then all spun, buzzing, revved the engines, the tires began to scream almost in every town of Europe and in the Soviet Union including.

International recognition came cards in the mid-twentieth century, but while he car phenomenon appeared even earlier. Thirties, the United States, the era of gangsters and the rise of American industry. The kids entertained themselves as best they could, riding on non-motorised carts down the hill. In those years, the children matured much earlier than now. And therefore the design of the trucks has evolved and gained new traits, acquired, respectively, a primitive engine.

In 1956, the mechanic Art, Ingalls and oilman Louis Borelli has created a monster similar to what we have now. In the course went tubes are used not just in car production and in the production of racing cars. The engine was located immediately behind the seat and has a capacity of 2.5 horsepower. Very soon, making the market the success of Ingles and Borelli founded the club «Go cards» and began promoting a new sport. Was developed by the racing rules, technical rules, the concept of tracks, time of arrival and so on. Youthful fun has acquired the features of something serious, the majestic and fast. And so to 1965, we were talking about above. In that championship, by the way, won the Italian guy, Fat.

Misconceptions about the kart

There are several modern conclusions on the kart, which are based only on assumptions and not on experience. And that’s what he thinks about it.

The high cost

Here the situation is thus. If you’re a simple urban adventurer who wants a fun and smoky time, then you card is enough budget happy. Rolling cards differ from sport to so many, but the main difference is, of course, the engine. Okay, guys, which started with kart racing (Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso for example) riding on a very high-tech machines to reach speeds up to hundreds of kilometers per hour and are therefore two orders of magnitude higher. But if to speak about a pleasant leisure, the case for very little money, and therefore go-karting is available to everyone.

The complexity

If you’re the unfortunate fellow who never sat behind the wheel card, then I’m terribly sorry. Some people think that they are difficult to manage, but it is only because of lack of experience. Besides, the truth is a completely different region. Here, as with the cooking shows. The pizza is absolutely simple dish, which is subject to any mind, but to make it tasty, you should try. Everywhere requires some practice to develop a particular skill. In driving it is noticeable the most.


It is always necessary to understand that in our violent, rebellious world is dangerous everywhere. As soon as you get out of the house, then surrendering to the power of random events. A lot of bricks falls on your head? A lot of banana skins scattered on the sidewalks? However, if you compare the karting car with other disciplines, he is in danger has little. Why? It’s simple: the ease of management, a well-equipped modern go-cart, reliable, protective clothing and helmets. The trauma is so low that karting is very popular among children of different ages.

Go – karting is for kids

If you often have go-cart school kart racing. Do the calculation at a young age. However, if you’re a big forehead, you can book individual lessons with the coach. When they held regular competitions for both beginners and for more experienced riders. The difficulty is also different, what is nice for more advanced users. All of the above is true only in the case if you find suitable schools karting and karting vinrar. Others we just do not consider.

Great entertainment for you and for the company

What are we up to it? Probably, to the fact that karting is one of the few opportunities of modern man, when you can give the action every day, even the most dull. Bleak and worthless was not a week, race all shuffle in their places, make more, somebody kill the mood of thought. Besides, the race – dosug much more elegant to fun, than the average drunk in a restaurant or pub. And we always taught you to bring more emotion to the palette of life.

Let’s say you have a birthday tomorrow, and cake with beer sounds dirty? Come to the track! You want to organize a corporate event but don’t know how to get out of a series of work stereotypes? Beckoning all to go go-karting! Or maybe want to celebrate something with a friend, and from romantic films sick? Give her a surprise and take on the race!

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